PS4 Hotfix (25.08.2018)

The priest spawns on the little hill next to the pagoda

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Hi the reason that your thralls are not healing when you(or anyone) are not around the world stops and becomes static. This has many consequences and this is one of them. This making the world static and only being alive around players is the ‘performance fix’ from the MOAP patch. It is game breaking and is causing many issues, but it shows a higher server FPS as 3/4 of the world is static on most servers, but it drops to the same levels as before if you have a high population server and players are scattered around. Meaning it is not a performance fix but rather a performance issue concealment.

Officials US Server 3779.
Logging on after a while with npc’s becoming thralls when officine leads to the thralls disappearing from the wheel of pain when logging back in. This has happened several times.

What type of server? Is someone stealing them through cracks in walls or around doorways, windows?

Yes a armor stand like Skyrm would be great

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Devs please add a return to main menu function at character create screen. If We choose wrong server We have to completely close and restart app. That’s kinda ridiculous.


Dear Eric,
I am sorry to say but as good as the idea was for this game the same is the failure to bring it forward.
Simply I cannot play Conan any longer as server 3208 along with many others listed in the other comments is no longer active.
Plus I can’t even play on single player as it crashes as soon as the game start.
With all due respect kindly let me know where I can get a refund for my money and I will delete the game from my console.
I believe after seeing the comments that you have a great number of customers not happy with this outcome and I will source them all to sign a petition towards your company if I do not receive an answer.


Dear Eric,
I finally see that server 3208 is back online and I thank you guys for the quick effort including apologies for being crude before.
However the game still crashes when you play solo, could you fix that too pls


Is there a patch schedule list I looked and I don’t know if I’m blind or it doesn’t exist I saw the live feed of the new religion but no mention of bug fixes


There probably getting sued


Again server 3208 disappeared
After all the hours I spent in it
This is extremely disappointing Funcom wake up

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This actually handle nothing. You still can bring couldrons to the very raiding site then placeing them nearby to do how much potions you need.

Add to this the ridiculous lags and you can say we’re doomed…


Ps4 invite to server pvp tweaked to pve no loss on death 15 slots open friendly no griefers fast level and mats WYRM,S BANE not locked welcome

Not sure if it’s related to the patch, ut on server #3053 all my buildings are gone as well as those of my clan. And judging from the emptyness around us we are not the only ones affected. Hundreds, maybe thousands of hours work, gone…


Just in case, have you been offline for a long period? This game have a decaying time counter that will destroy everything you build if you’re offline for some time. I’m not saying that’s your problem but worth a try to know.

There is a new update out for the PS4, with new content and fixes:

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