PS4 Patch (08.10.2019) - The Wine Cellar, new animations, Debaucheries of Derketo and more!

You should off raiding before problem with Treasure Hunters is fixed

And @Catspaw CREATE bug threads! Funcom does not care about your posts here!! It will not be addressed or fixed!!!


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I think they fixed the thrall teleport right? Nah i lost a thrall yesterday because he stuck and he didn’t teleport to me. Nice funcom. I lost by this 1 codebreaker armor and a sword of crom. Clap clap clap. Fix your bugs and after we will buy ur dlc.

Logged on, everything still broken, logged off. Any chance of a fix for this broken, broken game? Seems everyone else in my server has given up too.

?? And why should he be lost then? What? :smiley:

@Superd007 what is “everything broken”? The relic hunters? Yeah, consoles fix will come in 1 week.

To sum it up: The majority cannot read the forums and are unable to create bug threads and are wondering, why so many bugs are still in the game :smiley: :smiley:

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The Sword of Crom is garbage.
I recommend getting the Blade of Adventure and equipping your thrall with it.
And what kind of teleport bug? My Thralls always come with me.


That’s why I signed up immediately when I downloaded the game. :joy:

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So what happens until the patch comes for consoles??

Can you disable raid-times and purges? Or do you expect that PvP players will still have some UNMOVEABLE 100hp dancers left when the patch comes?

Do you revive killed 100hp dancers?

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These are exiles. They have no manners lol.

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That and the lag and the incredibly annoying in game noises that makes bases sound like a hospital ward. Plus my character now sounds perpetually fed up and sighs and moans constantly! If the fix takes a week, no one will be left by then. Funcom managed to break it in a day so surely they can fix it in a day.

Just play the game… I cleared yesterday UC for 2hours and couldnt care less. Same with running animation… Do you slay and dominate or do you watch your character the whole time? :smiley:

PS.: But yeah, its too often… Reduce the amount and the running-stop animation will be changed.

I hope purges not work now, seekers will fall as flies

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Because otherwise, say bye-bye:

True story. :joy:

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Yes, because the built the entire patch the day of release.

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I assume you mean they not the. They have managed to sort it for the pc version in one day!! If not fix it then roll it back to the last update until such time as it’s not all messed up. Simple.

I think there is a problem with consoles as the patch (hot fix) needs to be validated by playstation etc…

I think we have to wait, so I guess I rebuild.

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После обновления названия рабов стало на английском, вместо русского. Верните пожалуйста русские названия рабоа


English please. No one speaks the Russian language. :v:t4:

Yuri says (through google translate): After the update, the names of slaves became in English, instead of Russian. Please return the Russian working names