PS4 Patch (08.10.2019) - The Wine Cellar, new animations, Debaucheries of Derketo and more!

PC needs no certs, so if they write a script, they can just send it out for DL. Consoles requires paperwork with Sony and Microsoft. In triplicate probably. And roll back sounds nice, except some people logged on and played as is, and have built and captured, and done other things. Rolling back would eliminate all their work.

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Is it just me or has someone the same trouble that treasure seeker have only 100 Hp?

@Heliosraven every one is.

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Thank you thank you people without patience RS RS RS

People are warned, the new dungeon is really hard.
We were Seven Warriors and each of us died 3-4.



When are you going to fix it. Please just give a date. I am tired already.

People kicking off about a free game updating the content and not getting everything correct. Keep up the good work Funcom amazing game

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since the new quickload fix, i lag a lil but havent crashed yet, and the build distance draw increase helps lots on my new big build. PLZPLZLPZZZZY put lines on black ice wedge ceilings the same way as yamatai plzplzplz. 8]

i dont know about you but i paid $ for this game day one


It was released on playstation plus monthly free games back in March I think. I’ve still paid for the dlc tho so not entirely free.

I bought a server too which I now can’t bear to be on. Members of it are saying they will abandon the game until the noise goes away

My first association with my base was a hospital ward, too.
Maybe, reduce the amount of coughing and moaning a bit … or give us nice nurse outfits that we can attend the sick and dying properly :grin:

Official server 3596

In the savannah area behind the water fall my clan is built back in the cave and it seems that the ground has glitched up through our base in 2 areas. Wondering if this is going to be fixed or not because we lost a bunch of loot because of this we have chests that are stuck in it now.

Alrighty then. I suppose you’ll be replying the same to everyone else in this patch thread who’s reporting other glitches & bugs since the patch…


I went to turn in Heart of the Hero and instead of getting the Gorillas all I got was a potion on all 3 hearts?

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Wait isn’t this thread under “ps4 updates n bugs”? I could see why he would post that here but I guess u should make a brand new one so they acknowledge it otherwise they won’t ??

Patches for consoles take longer to deploy due to platform-specific certification passes, which unfortunately may take up to a few days and is outside of our control. The current ETA for the release of a patch is within next week and the team is working hard to tackle the reported issues.

@Colby Welcome to the forums! That area, along with several others, was tweaked as a countermeasure to undermesh exploits. We apologize for your loss and have registered your feedback.

@King_Gundy The chance to get pets has been lowered to 20%, as per the following patch notes:

Dude 90% of bugs are reported from players during testlive yet most of those reported bugs still make it to live servers…what do u make of that?
Yes to make threads is good, yes to report bugs n issues is good but what good is it if devs don’t cooperate n fix at least the ones that impact the game the most right.

I only died one time, because I tried to block some attacks from skeletons and they pushed me to the wall…

Killed the spider-boss and the undead demon turtle 3x for the flask. Endboss was kinda wasy.

Alone with Dacias as thrall :wink:

But the bosses hit hard. Like really hard :smiley: As skeletons are staggering now, they are easy :smiley:
I even had to reconnect 2times during the dungeon. One time I got connection lost and when I reconnected, I had no UI :smiley: No hot-wheel, health bar, etc.

True that! Like the “return to surface” message, when you enter the dungeon… @Wak4863 even reported that.

Was really disappointed by that. Yeah, its not a deal breaker. But its also not really work to replace a damn string… :confused:

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Agree. I know n understand they have a deadline n have to release the patch specially if it’s DLC but why not focus on fixing those bugs that players report during testlive specifically those that have a strong negative impact on QoL and/or the game in general, perhaps releasing it to testlive with more time of anticipation would help em with the necessary time to do so. Like the bug during the last boss where ur thrall goes to the side n starts attacking the skeletons under the map instead of the boss for example. I know for a fact FC watch firespark81 videos n he brought it up in one of his videos during testlive yet it’s there on live.