PS4 Patch (08.10.2019) - The Wine Cellar, new animations, Debaucheries of Derketo and more!

So you could take your Thrall with you very well. We did not have any, I thought because of the Broken Bridge that it is not possible to take the Thrall.

Yeah. Without any problems. Sometimes he/she cannot run to the undead turtle boss. You have to kite the boss a little bit.

And when I reconnected he was 20m away from me… that was kinda strange.

I have Cormag Beast Blood.
He is from the purge and has 7740hp.
You can not find it on the wiki, I think that’s very funny.
So I have a very rare companion. I’ll send you the picture of him right away.

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It’s correct behavior. Since last patch you get gorilla with 20% chance

I have Ulrik the mountaineer. 9900hp
Boys a beast!

I have Eina the light, Rethrous the Burdened, Pelor the well-travelled and Dono’Thelpup. :joy:
Fighters are better than Bearers. :wink:
New challenge? :joy:


Never mind I found your update mention

When I play a game I prefer to not know the devs because that means I am satisfied with game. In Conan Exiles, they seek the help and guidance of great players. Their last stream focused on Lead dev’s desire to please the Player.

This stream from today focus on face-to-face with Lead, who should not apologize, but did. He gave good and earnest technical description of how errors were made to impact the game in such a way. This is human error, and it stops with one man, Alex. This is to be honored, in my opinion. Few developers operate from a footing of such accountability, and many have deeper pockets than Funcom.


Ic I read it Thank you Hugo I have another Question anyone know if they fixed the Phalanx armor bug the one were you wear it to bed log out of the game and close the app, come back the next day to a stripped avatar with an empty inventory and a note in the log saying you died from temperature change ??
How does that happen on a PVE server
The cure I guess is to log off every session in a state of nakedness
Thanks for your time insight and info

Your character stays in the world long after you log off. If you are in an area too hot, you will die. Been like that since release. I can’t tell you how many times I died in the jungle in a base naked because I used cold weather building materials and it took me forever to figure that out.

As Huzzah has mentioned you’ve likely died due to temperature, which is possible even in PvE servers as your character’s sleeping body lingers in them while you’re offline.

Have you tried it lately since the patch? I re-equipped my travelling thralls with it when it was fixed. Dalinsia won’t leave home without it. No matter which Dalinsia or home it is.

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I equipped my Thrall with Adventurer’s Blade. 97dmg just like Crom’s sword and yes I have, my thrall fights better with the blade than with the sword. :v:t4:

The black Dragon pike is bugged . There is no stamina bonus. Before it gives 50 points.

this is so far the only thing that irks me. even in first person, the camera jerks to let you know your character is doing that ridiculous flinch like he just stepped into a freshly used portable toilet or on a bunch of LEGO bare foot. The only save on this for now is to make sure your character has something in its hands.

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Was it intended for medium bear shaman to be changed from 2 heat resist to 2 cold resist? Really disappointed if it was intended, I loved that and the hyena and was perfect for me to swap between for wherever I was going

When’s the fix then? Atm can’t move the thrawls as well. Everytime you have an update theyre more things that get broken

Little disappointed in ps4 service, if they would give faster a certificate to funcom to give us the hotfix update it would not be so bad as it is now.
If its possible for xbox to do it so fast , so it should be possible for ps4 also… it’s a shame… I think funcom agree with this argument.

This is really on Sonys side… Xbox had it before the weekend…

But then again, Sony is a joke as a company itself… Without Naughtydog and some other exclusives, I would never had bought it anyway. Xbox menu was always better and the online-services too.

It should be going live within this week if all goes as expected!

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