PS4 Patch (30.01.2020) - January Patch: General, Exploit, UI, NPC and more fixes

Hey I’m just wanna know if this pitch will fix not being able to load in to the server because I been trying to get back on for a week I have redownload the game 4 times to see if that would fix it but it hasn’t hoping someone can help

Hi @OTheseus, could you please open a new topic sharing more details regarding the issue you’re having?

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So much appreciation for these efforts.

I will note I did observe the comment note “All seeds and flowers should now correctly have the same stack-size.”

However, Yellow Lotus ‘Blossoms’ still only stack to 20. Is that intentional?

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When will fireplaces be fixed where they don’t cause heatstroke in a gigantic radius?

On the PvE server that I play, ohter players have blocked the obelisk of the volcán. Muy question is,: does this action have logic in these servants? The only answer to annoy other players, it make no sense to do that on a PvE server. They could restrict buildings un áreas near obelisks (suggestion) un PvE.

Weird, I did a “Find in Page” for “scroll” earlier and nothing shown up. This forum seems to have a lot of problems on my PC; the Page Up/Down keys don’t work for scrolling either.

Anyway, it wasn’t only the Armourer’s Bench that was affected; the Blacksmith Bench and Carpenter’s Bench also had this bug too, so I hope those are fixed as well.

@Coino31 In my opinion it’s some one being a jerk there’s no gain on a pve server. If some body did that on my server it would be ripped down. I don’t see how anyone could build up there and not understand enough about the game to know that they are griefing.


Exact! There are too many toxic players unfortunately.


Thx :slight_smile:



On my way to get the journey point :smiley: And thx for all the exploit fixes.

If you want to use your browser search, you have to press CMD/CTRL+F 2 times. The first one is the forums own threadsearch.

Just checking, are you trying to use a repair kit or repairing with raw mats?

There are 2 ways to repair.

  1. With the raw materials parts, and you have the recipe unlocked, you can repair tools/weapons from your inventory or at a reduced cost on the black smiths bench.
  2. If it is not broken, then you can use a repair kit of equal or higher tier.

The same rules for armor repairing as well, just utilizing the armors bench to reduce the cost for option 1.

The fall damage is messed up now, just fyi.

I have been playing for about an hour and a half since downloading and installing the latest patch a (ps4/private server) and have experience 4 separate instances of severe rubber banding which then resulted in getting stuck/frozen halfway through the dodge roll animation. These are totally new issues that I have not experienced on this server prior to this patch. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Has it already been addressed by Funcom?


I got the journey step… Not directly, as I was still missing the Heliograph Heights.

German screenshot:

If you look at the wiki it is the 10.6 journey step:


Same problem after using a workshop or inventory my character remains blocked for several seconds I can move forward, backward roll, but I always come back to the starting point of the bug it’s very annoying!


Hello, how about weapon visible to back ? Thanks ^^’

Since the update, there is a glitch when you load into the server where you rubber band back to your original position and when trying to roll, you get stuck in a glitched roll for about a minute.


@Pimp @turkco Please report exploits and undermeshing to the Exploits page, listed on the wiki. Be sure to read the below notes.

@North See the above and also the listed Harassment and Griefing page. Funcom is only able to act in extreme cases, with enough evidence.

@jesstheripper you should provide details, preferably in a seperate thread in these bug subforums (for condensed information). See also How to be a pro PS4 bug hunter

@Coino31 unfortunately, they’ll build a bigger wall regardless. They may understand your concern, however. Try reporting the harassment issue itself to Harassment and Griefing Issues.

@xavier_pjg you should make a seperate thread. Be sure to provide as much detail as possible. See also How to be a pro PS4 bug hunter

As for thralls (which you did not specify), whether or not they take fall damage is sometimes doubted. Here’s a dev reply:

Thralls may in fact die to fall damage, but when that occurs you do get a message in the Event Log stating they died, not referencing any source, which is likely what happened to the second thrall.(1)

@screed83 @Hoff99563 you should reply to this post in as much detail as possible :wink:

@Acheron you should make a thread in the suggestions subforums. This thread is for update-specific issues :wink: