PS4 Post-Halloween Patch (07.11.2018)


I have also noticed I can’t place fish traps in the newly fixed large wells. I’m pretty sure I read something about this earlier but I can’t remember if this is a bug or intended.

I get a message stating the trap must be placed in water. No amount of manipulation helps.

If intended, what would be the purpose of the large well? I can pretty much build two small wells using less mats than one large well.


Thats so weird


One more thing.

Was the day cycle extend and night cycle reduced during the Halloween event (to help with the darkness issues), and if so were they not returned to normal? I seem to be waiting a long time for night.

I see in server settings that the day time dominates but I never paid any attention to these settings prior to today so I don’t know what normal is.

edit: pretty sure I have experienced night now… all two seconds of it.


Im having an issue now where my feats wont scroll down to the bottom of the list and jebbal sag isnt on thr feat list


When will you finally address the crashing and freezing problem in single player? I played for an hour and had it happen to me 3 times. Numerous people have also mentioned it in previous posts and yet the bug never seems to be on your list of what you’re looking into.


And mine doesn’t just keep crashing it also deletes all my stuff, building and crafting benches it’s pointless trying to play it when you gotta start from scratch every time you turn ps4 on to play game absolutely rediculess please funcom fix it


Why does not it get dark? It seems that it will be done at night but no, it is just as clear that in the morning


Just took me about 5 mins to turn the music down to nothing why is that so slow


Having this to, Its does what Journal page does, the cursor will go down, and i can’t see whats highlight in info bar, but can’t see last row of whats selected.

  • ^ that, Cursor wont let screen scroll down.

  • npc’s/enemies still x2,x3,x4, x5, x6 on there own spawn. (had 9 snakes come off of one spot, (looked like one) on 1st visit to area, priest of mitra was 4 of herself. All over, and fairly random. (issue before this patch)

  • tier 3 and 4 thralls dont show there extra stuff at crafting bench at all times.

  • blue screens are abit more common, (aka games running 25fps-ish, then 15fps… and if you turn camera to quickly, it’ll freeze game for 1-2mins and blue screen if you wait it out.

  • Thralls cloth themselves, after placement. (a topless dancer, will slap on fiber cloth shirt… how dare he!) (thou this was issue before this patch) So my amazon archer keep putting on clothes. -_-’

  • throw orb icon still missing, (journal) since day 1. XD (had throw that in there)

  • +20 Vitally perk (protection against weather) still doesnt seem work right. (havnt fully tested it,
    Wiki info about +2 and +3 armor could be way off…wish game stated what it was, instead of little bars) I can’t tell difference with this perk on.

  • NPC/Enemies that die out of sight (behind cone of loading visually) don’t leave corpses. Some that do die, and you watch them fall, and you walk past them, will go poof.

  • Thralls (feed option off) have a timer running till they starve. Seem to be no way to turn this off, ( had set timer to 30,000 (20+ days) and build feeding pots around map forts. >_>
    (I really dont wanna micro manage this one…)

  • Finding emotes yields a “unknown emote” It seems to have after 2nd log in, Works fine when you start game.

I forgot others… i really need write them down as I see them. Most of them aren’t game ending.


There’s what a shxt game look like

Lag lag & lag

Game always crush

After game crush then re-login, you die

The map doesn’t work, you can’t found the dead point

You lost all your item!!


Won’t waste time on this trash, I’ll go for Fallout 76
Bye shxt game


Jebbal sag is also not in feats atm


not sure what that has to do with me? feats and journal both suffer scroll bug right now?


Since this post Halloween patch I be always played single player and my t3 and t4 thralls don’t have there recipes and everytime I enter the station it resets to the basic please fix this ASAP because I can’t repair my flawless weapons or exceptional weapons and armor .not happy at all


Use L3 to cycle thru lists, this will show other items T3 and t4 thralls have.

You can also pull thrall off, and back on to bring it back.


I can no longer make Legendary repairs kits for weapons try all name thralls could earlier what is going on


Tried that and it’s not showing anything exceptional or flawless


Keep clicking? Its sort button, there 6 or 7 versions click thru. Unequip the thrall and putting them back on crafting station is abit faster for bigger lists.

Sadly, i couldn’t get search function to work like PC version. I forget order it goes in. Its mostly temp fix till they patch it. (i hope)


i have the same issues with thralls special skills not showing up, if i swap them out they reappear, but dissapear again when i leave the station.