PS4 Test Live servers?

Please, oh please can we get a test live public server or two for the PS4.

It would help if we can see the horrible patch you plan on implementing before you implement it and at least advise you of the problems it will cause before hand.

It’s obvious you don’t test it yourself.

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Have to agree with you on this seems they have no clue what there doing most pc mods fixed what Funcom can’t fix. They need to have better up keep on patches and updates and listen to the community a bit better. Look up Age of Conan they did the same as there doing to this game so far all friends stop playing just me so I went to single player/co-op and now it’s in a crash loop with error code CE-34878-0 on ps4 pro I uploaded my save data to ps plus cloud download it to my launch ps4 without updating the game no error code CE-34878-0 and no crash loop there’s a perfect example of how they don’t know what is going on there too busy playing other games or working on some game there releasing later this year that no one cares about. Watch a live stream from Funcom sometime they actually say it in there it’s there first time trying test live on the new patch or first time playing in a while shows alot of what they do and don’t care about. Wish they just fixed the crash loop on ps4 pro already been 3weeks since I’ve played on my ps4 pro with the new updates to how weapons and armor is made instead I’m stuck playing on the old update that lets me play actually. Kinda sad we have to keep coming on here to get there attention to fix there own game guess they got there money anyways also seems like what ever country there in doesn’t have hard working habits instead more of take your time type attitude. Hope they get on this and fix things instead of only concentrating on new dlc and additional content. Surprised no one has filed a lawsuit for false advertisement yet mounts,crossbows and plenty of other things promised are missing or never coming yet never said a word before launch only after.

I wouldn’t mind working a test server for the greater good or being a admin of some random server to assist with issues sign me up if this ever happens

Please read this :wink:

@Neoskater420 please don’t put out hate before you’ve even had a single ‘kind’ of follow-up, like googling for it yourself, searching for it on the forums, asking others… I would also like to mention an error code is quite off-topic here, but I appreciate that you posted your main thread in the appropriate forum - anyways, no offense whatshowever :smirk:

I’ll link it here for people interested, I’m replying to your topic right now!

@Desertpunk719 TL servers are Official servers iirc. They are not moderated. (See also: above reply)

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