[PS4] Thank you Funcom for the Halloween Treats

Hi guys,

I just wanted to thank the devs for a fun change and keeping things interesting. I really enjoyed this Halloween theme update. The purple treat meteors were cool to say the least. I have about 15 chests full of stuff I need to organize, lol.

I was pleasantly surprised to see things like the legendary repair kits and the white and black dyes, things you can’t get unless you have a certain rare unique thrall.

The theme and environment was done well. The change of the music and title screen, very nice. Definitely gave me an eerie feeling while running through the exile lands.

I have some suggestions for next time, not sure if I’ll be playing this game a year from now, but who knows it’s currently still my #1 game to play. Anyhow, next time maybe make the meteors really trick or treat. You harvest some meteors and instead of all of them being treats, some could suddenly spawn spiders around you. That would be funny.

Another things is, while the whole endless night thing was kinda cool it lost its appeal quickly. The endless night got a bit irritating when I actually need to go a farm something especially star metal. So, next time I say keep the days normal and have the nights just as they were or how about flipping the day night times. Have the nights like they were, eerie with the purple mist and a little extra dark and have them last long. While the days would be normal but short. Then you would have players say, ok it’s day time for a bit I can get some things done. Then night rolls around quickly and players would then say, ok here comes the spooky night time. I think then the eerie nights would keeps a appeal longer instead of ending up as a hindrance. And of course the treat meteors would only fall at night.

Now I know this is not the suggestion page, and I may add it there, but really this is just a personal thank you.

That’s all I got for now. How about everyone else? did you all enjoy the change and Halloween theme?


This is quite possibly the wrost theme and environment I have ever seen in any game. I’ve never been forced off a game for a week because of severe health risks because of the idiotic idea to give everything a blue hue.

Please devs don’t ever do another event. Thanks for completely unbalanced loot drops and the migraines of the blue hue.

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I’ve never been forced off a game for a week because of severe health risks because of the idiotic idea to give everything a blue hue.

I just read a bunch of your replies containing this kind of talk and I wonder:

What do you do in games that have blue skies? Why are you looking forward to a blue sky being replaced by a different, lighter shade of blue sky?

If you’re that sensitive to blue light you should stay off of screened devices altogether, as the studies you’re looking into are specifically being looked into due to the light emitted off of our screens. Not games with blue lights, mind you- but just digital screens in general.

Good luck to you, but I would really advise you to stop looking at screens if you’re that sensitive to blue light.


Additionally, it is not only a screen that looks blue that emits blue light. A white screen emits blue light as well (just use a magnifying lens to look)…

I enjoyed the lack of rain =P One sound affect annoyed my dogs a lot. I do think it should have fluctuated throughout the day (the lighting). It’s odd, I watched a streamer and her lighting was near pitch black during the event. I have changed nothing from the original settings and I could see almost as well as if it were daylight. (it was darker but it wasn’t visually impairing like it was for her) I do think it lasted to long though.

What? Lol. I am not forced to sit and stare at the sky. While I play. Actually while I play I almost never look at Conan’s sky. Where as the blue hue is shoved in my face.

It’s a known fact that blue light causes severe health risks. Yes that’s correct all screens put off blue light but I’ve got the filter app for my phone to filter out the blue light at least. It also comes down to the INTENSEITY of the light and the intensity of the light comming from Conan is off the charts.


@Quigleyer ,

I begin to experience headaches after only 30 minutes. It may vary for others. I have only played a Max of like 3 hours straight since the event started at the end of those 3 hours I had a migraine that lasted another four. Please find further research to this below…


Blue light penetrates very deep into your eyes causing eye strain. Blue Light Exposed explains that: “Most of us spend the majority of our waking hours staring at digital screen, whether it’s the computer at work, our personal cell phone, playing a video game, or just relaxing and watching TV. Digital eyestrain is a new term used to describe the conditions resulting from the use of today’s popular electronic gadgets.

Blue light and migraines : “Fluorescents, LEDs, TVs, computers, smart phones, and other electronics that emit blue light disrupt our sleep patterns at night. Additionally, these devices do not provide a constant source of light. They are actually flickering. This flickering from artificial lights has been reported to trigger migraines and is well known for causing eye strain and headaches. The combination of eye strain, oxidative stress, and sleep disruptions make blue light dangerous for migraine sufferers.” (source)

Video : Video on Health Risks of Blue Light

Another article on blue light : Is Blue Light Bad For Your Health?

All of this research only took me 30 minutes.

“Excessive exposure” can differ from person to person but one thing Is clear in each article and supporting sources is that blue light will have an extremely negative effect on everyone either they notice it quikly like myself in 30 minutes or in a few hours it’s effecting them.

Also matter what your argument is on this unless you can find me three credible sources like I have saying that this blue light in Conan should have no effect then by all means post your counter and I will consider it. I also know for a fact that 100’s of people have stopped playing Conan this week because of the blue hue and headaches , blurry vision and insomnia.

Again, it’s the intensity of it. A minor amount or some does not give me any issues I can play fallout 4 let’s say for 8 hours with no issues or even Conan normally for 8 hours with no issues the normal amount of blue light coming from most games / TV’s etc is really small unless they jack up the intensity of it for some reason. I do stay away from a lot of horro movies because they like to use a blue light filter a lot to make things seem / feel depressing.

The intensity of the blue light in Conan again for this event is redicoules and if it was in the game prior to this lame event I wouldn’t never bought the game.

Even in your own source it’s talking about the blue light that is emitted from a screen, not specifically light that is blue. The color waves scatter at different intervals, but the white light emitted from your screen always contains blue light (and red, and violet, etc.), blue is known generally to scattered the earliest (also the reason of why our sky is blue- that’s also blue light). Blue light is EVERYWHERE, but the recent concerns about it are due to what’s coming out of the screens of new technology.

Again- there’s always blue light present. The “white light” of your screen is a combination of the entire wavelength, of which blue is a part of (and again- scatters the earliest, generally). Avoid screens if it’s bothering you.

How about it just being annoying because everything has been dark, for a week (longer, if you play on a console)? Originally, their idea was that one full day would be night. That would have been fine. But, people howled about how that wasn’t enough time, and what we got was a week of this – what would be at best described as an abject failure in implementation.

I want to cut Funcom some slack here, they did want to create a fun, engaging event. That’s evident. But they were so far off the mark, my only guess is that they never did any real playtesting for it. And even they have acknowledged it was a failure, and hopefully won’t repeat the many mistakes they made here.

I find it quite annoying as well, and I’m giddy as I download the update that I’m hoping gets rid of it. The ambient light itself remained of a yellow hue, while the actual flame became a purple hue. These two colors are complimentary and I would say the combination of one emitting the other visually confused more often than it should.

However I don’t think it’s more or less of a health hazard than the regular game.

Aside from some folks reporting headaches and such, what they did created real usability issues for people who have problems with vision because it significantly reduced any contrast in the environment. And frankly, game companies (and every other software company out there) should be interested in design that improves accessibility. This was a galactic step backwards from that goal. (That’s not even addressing the fact that significant parts of the event that were broken, and actively prevented people from playing the game at all in single player mode).

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Yes it was an exelent event, was locking sooo good, perfect.

Just some iimprovments on the metriors, as i printed in earlier posts. But i missed the drop list. Maybe have a longer list on what can drop. after 100 draggon heads its tricky to find out what to do whit them. And maybe have some realy good drops but just a limit nr / acount. Like the keys and stuff you removed from the list 1-5 drops its nice but to mutch as it was this time. but i did not get any of the things you removed.

With the nerf to the drop rate for demon blood, putting those dragon heads in a press can be useful, particularly if you’re new-ish and aren’t already swimming in the stuff (now there’s a visual).

I know I have been critical of Funcom, but I really do get what they were trying to do. My concern is less about their ideas, and more about their implementation. There’s some internal development and QA processes that aren’t working for them that they really need to get a handle on. I hope they do.

A ok that can be some but its more fun to try to find a way to use them as decoration. but yes hard to find a spot for all of them

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