[PS4 - "Warnings" of overload and deterioration of used items] Warning the player about problems without impairing the visibility on the screen


  1. I would like to suggest that you change the location of the “warning” that the character is overloaded. I often wish to continue tinkering with the inventory with the “overloaded” character and this warning is “blinking” on the screen just in the area where I am manipulating the items. This repetitive warning hinders me from “seeing” the items in the first “queue” of the inventory.

  2. It is important that the game provides “alerts” in “discrete” locations on the screen to warn that your armor / clothing (including backpack) is in a stage of delicate durability. For example, yellow icons might suggest that the item is weak and red icons suggest that it is close to being destroyed (as in the Diablo game). Currently the player is required to “check” the state of his armor when opening the inventory and this is counterproductive (and unfeasible in times of danger). The character should be able to “know” if his or her clothing and / or backpack is in a critical state discreetly.


Agree with this entirely, when I am specced for farming I have the max encumbrance perk which allows you to hold infinite weight but having this warning flash up the whole time really grinds my gears.


I know how you feel. That damn warning just disturbs me. Oh, and the discrete warning icons for armor / clothing / backpack deterioration might appear discreetly in the upper right mud of the screen. I am not talking about the items and the weapon we are using because this appears very noticeable when accessing the quick menu by the L1 button. They could even show the “status” of the items we’re “wearing” in the middle of that particular menu.

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I’ve seen this happen on PC and Xbox too. The warning notification blocking your view. Just show it once and not until you’re encumbered again. The encumbrance icon will be flashing so you’ll know you’re carrying too much, or just have an option to disable it all together.