(purge bug) Purge meter filled up but no purge happening the last purge was on our volcano thralling camp. (purge bug)

Game mode: [Online | multiplayer]
Problem: [BUG]
Region: [Asia]

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Volcano thralling camp attacked by silent legion (purge) they eventually dissapeared we were not able to kill all of them however after they have dissapeared our purge meter filled up again after that and it has been 1 weeks since it has been completely filled up and still no purges coming the thralling camp im speaking of is near the spawning locations of the named alchemist and the named cook please fix this by the way your game rocks thank you for developing this you guys are the best thank you again.

we have removed the thralling camp to check for possible stragglers however we placed new foundations on the same spot to rebuild our thralling camp

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.silent legion attacking thralling camp
2. kill only a few of them and leave the rest
3. return to the thralling camp after getting all the thralls from the painwheel including the taskmaster (i placed all of them in the vault it was raid time and i prioritized saving my thralls.) (for some reason the boss in thulla temple was inside the structure very close to the painwheel but was not moving)
4.return to the spot of the purge to finish off no enemies left after this our purge meter started filling up again but purge doesnt happen anymore.

We have same problem just like you
so have u found any solution?

i believe funcom does not have any ideas on how to fix it otherwise they would have done so.

purges has been broken since release day… so go figure.

i think exactly same, they can fix what they broke… But i really cant see how you can create something and have no idea about how its working. Seems that project was bought from more professional developers team and distributed by Funcom.

The purges don’t happen when bases are in strange positions, while the definition of strange is unknown and seems to be random. To trigger a purge build a base in an open location. It can work right next to your base, a bit farther away or not at all. We also had it happen that our raidbase got purged…

On our private dedicated server we had the same problem.

A few days ago, I figured out a solution which works for us.
Set the “min player online” to 0 (zero) and the purges will attack again.
Of Course this needs an admin and you’ll have to defend your base properly but it works :wink: