Purge Calculation

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i really want know, how the purge is calculating. To be clear, i dont want know something like “build”, “slay” oder “gather rescources”.
I want know, what give the most points to the purge meter or what to do exactly to get the most Points in a short time.

If I remember right, it’s calculated something like this. You build a foundation, add one point. You kill one animal, add one point. You gather one stone, add one point. After fifteen minutes you get three points.

If you build one hundred foundations, add one point. If you kill one hundred animals, add one point. If you gather one thousand stone, add one point. After fifteen minutes, you get three points.

So the answer to your question is not which activity you can do a lot of to fill it faster. It’s doing as many different activities as you can within each scoring cycle.

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This is recently updated information data mined from the dev kit. https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Purge_Meter

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