Purge design goes against the original design of the game

I’ll assume you mean NPCs, not thralls. The answer to “is this really that hard to do” is quite often “you would be surprised” :wink:

Personally, I really dislike this idea. There’s a reason why fortifications have walls and why attackers historically needed siege engines and ladders to assault those walls. While I acknowledge that climbing is a useful mechanic to give players, it’s highly unrealistic and having NPCs being able to climb would both break the immersion and ruin PVE balance.

If I could have things my way – and it’s probably a good thing I can’t – I would restrict player climbing so that it’s only possible with the climbing gear. But that’s just my personal prefernce.

I already suggested this once. It was wildly unpopular :smiley:

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Yes. In the description of the “required online players” setting, the language is very confusing. If you set it to a non-zero value, it requires that many players from the clan to be online. If you set it to zero, it will allow offline Purge of a clan, but it won’t do a Purge if the server has no online players at all.

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Very much, yes.

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