Purge - easy to bypass?

So my group just started back up again after taking a few months off waitiing for some more stability. The purge works again (yay). However it seems its trivial to bypass by simply building houses on stilts up in the air against a cliff and just removing the stairs going into the base.

I thought I had read that they would come out of the walls or ground or something but I suppose that is not the case?

Im relatively new to the game but was told there have been recent changes to the purge. Last night we had one and instead of getting to fight them outside or in our court yard, the attacking horde spawned in upstairs in my room/tower. Im told that people were attempting what you describe and this is the result. I think its overkill since our base is accessible from ground level but oh well.

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Hmm. Yeah on ours they purged us about six times over the weekend and the purge NEVER targeted the building up in the air. They always focused on the buildings on the ground.

Now that feeding is no longer a thing, it’s fine to have some internal security.

I often use my elite fighters and archers for internal security, and the older fighters and archers as parameter sentinels.

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Landclaim is a vertical column. If you build the bulk of your base on a waterfall, but never exceed the top level of the waterfall, Purge elements will spawn at the base or harmlessly at the top of the falls. Strategically placing unimportant connected elements at the ground level protects your main stilt base.


We had several purges this weekend where some of the purge exiles spawned inside foundation blocks. of course, these were in buildings on the ground.

I don’t understand if you are complaining that you built a purge-proof house and it is working?

I didn’t build the purge proof house. One of my clan mates did. I was hoping that the purge was smart enough to beat down the house (its on columns, breaking the columns would break the house) because part of the fun is that the purge is a threat. The purge npcs do not attack columns or even consider them being there it seems.

Building like this is the same as just turning the purge off IMO. It doesn’t do anything, they just spawn and run around and can’t hurt anything and you can plink them off from safety.

Last time I saw a Purge happen at the base of someone where the base was unreachable from the ground, skeletons and T4 humans spawned atop the base and started shredding it. This was a week or two ago (just after the big patch) and it was on one of those tiny “sea stack” islands around O7.

Basically, the top of the sea stack was about 100-feet above the shore and the top had been completely covered in a circular foundation. I don’t recall anything at all spawning at ground level, but by the time the purge had finished I’d say at least 1/3 of the foundations had been destroyed.

Since then, that player connected the top down to some structures at ground level and bridged it to the mainland. Following that, their most recent purge spawned on the mainland and performed a normal attack upon the structures on the shore by marching at it from a few hundred feet away.

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If purges are something you wish to avoid. You can simply have everyone leave the clan when the purge meter gets close to being full and then disband the clan. When you remake the clan the meter will be empty.

IMO, the Purge is one of the more engaging and fun activities in the game. The whole concept of trying to prevent it from happening boggles my mind, especially considering how long we had to wait for it to get properly fixed.

Heck, on my server people seem to grind just to get the Purge to trigger, then all the level 60s party at their place to help out. It’s a blast!

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I have to agree. The purge is my favorite thing at the moment. I just would like to have the fight at ground level. Its not game breaking of course, just an annoyance.

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Wouldn’t that mean they lost all their buildings? Or do the leader (final member) retain ownership?

Incidentally, I found a foolproof way to avoid the Purge: Get a job and a family, and the (necessary) downtime will mean the meter decays way faster than it accrues. So no Purges for me :cry:

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