Purge: Nest of Snakes - Spawning and Staying Inside Foundations

Game mode: Online | Multiplayer
Problem: Bug | Performance
Region: Offical Server #3811

I’m having the same issue come up twice within a week. During a “Nest of Snakes” purge, the snakes will spawn inside my foundations and only stick their heads out to attack and don’t leave the inside of the foundations.

I built my base on an island with many foundations. During the Apes Invasion purge the apes didn’t spawn inside foundations. Only the Nest of Snakes purge, which happened twice has bugged out like this. It’s causing a big issue because they are damaging inner foundations deep within and I’m unable to get to them. Both times I just had to let the timer finish up and then repair the damage.

I remember reading someone posted a similar issue and the devs said with a recent patch this was addressed, however it hasn’t been resolved.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Purge: Nest of Snakes
  2. Build base on island with many foundations

hello, I play on the pve 3017 server, my position is between the “Trapper’s Cabin”
and “the breach” and I had the same problem with “An avalanche of Rock Noses”, or the third and fourth waves were born inside the castle with the “living magma” and in the fifth wave the "Icy Rocknose King ".

Hello @ArtiumDev, could you please share a few screenshots of the general area and layout of your base, as well as the exact spot where it has been built?

Just in case its not known.

Poison Arrows work wounders for finding purge enemies that spawn in walls, rocks and foundations.
Explosion go thru most of these objects to, but can damage your base.

Just in case. =3

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