Purge on official server and how to get tralls from them



Again I am trying to help, posted a lot about this before and ill do it again.

To get those named tralls you want the Dogs of desert purge, they have named in every wave, try to kill off as fast as you can and wheel in the named to start next wave, I have managed 7 named in one purge.
If you are a collector you will go for either dafari or relic-hunters next, they have maybe 2 named during a purge on average.
then you should go for the Lemurian/exiles/Blackhand witch share the same purge spot and you can randomly get one of them. exiles and Blackhand gives nameds, if you are lucky you can get a really good purge here with many nameds or you can get the Lemurian and have none.
The areas are small and the further away from the center you go the more % of other crap will spawn, but dead center you are 100% sure to get the clan spawn.

To steer your purge to those areas, spread foundations around, they must not be connected with snap, if you demolish to make space its not the same, the more you have the more chance is it to get it there, it seems to count as a base having only 1 foundation, you can put on more building pieces to get the decay time up, one placeable helps, experiment to find out yourself. i will post pictures on the areas. northeimers and cimerian lost tribe dont have any nameds.

This is the spot for nordheimers

This is the spot for Lost tribe

This is also a spot for lost tribe

This is the spot for RelicHunter tribe They have named tralls off all kind… yellow marking is chance of getting locust, green is 100% clan.

This is the dafari tribe, keep to the river it is wery smal area. it has nameds of all kind. Marked with brown. i did not have the exact pos on the map, it is actualy a litle further down, starts where the river starts going straigth after the turn.
Green area is the Dogs of desert. I recomend build in the center of river in the water, betwen the waterfalls.
This is the golden egg, Dogs of desert with every wave a named trall(a smal% to get a carpenterpurge with only carpanters of t1-3)
This area has shared spot for lemurians, exiles and Blackhand, you will get nameds from purge here if you get the rigth ones.

This is my spawner in 1011, I also have one in 1039, other people I have shown this to also has tralls now.
If you are having trouble getting purge on official, spawner alone maybe don’t work, try to remove inactive members from the clan and add a new member. then build a spawner, that worked for me.
If you are on a server with much traffic and many people playing there it could take a week or so, if you are unlucky I am guessing it can take not 3weeks, then something is wrong, and your build that is bugged and holding purge back should be removed.
there are many ways to get a build bugged so stick to simple, don’t build anything higher than 2 foundations high in your spawner, don’t build anything on the sides of rocks only on flat ground.

In the 2-3 last days, I have had problems with foundations and they get 100durability and showing full decay, when others see only the 1hour, trying to solve this with a 2 foundation-wide spawner with fence foundations around on the sides.

All this is me testing 1000+ purges on my own server and implemented on my official server with great success.
I am mostly on 1039 now as the character Belit, stop by to say hi and ask me anything, I love to help, I can even make a character on other servers to join clans and putt down some foundations to break you out of purgedrout. and if this helps and give you purge please come and tell me, I love to know.


Do any of these locations give any blacksmiths that can make legendary repair kits?
Or an alchemist that can make black/ white dye?


All the ones giving named tralls have all the types. But i have seen no priest. Your best bet is dogs of desert. Got a blacksmith 3tanners 2archers and a fighter on last purge. For alchemist i have not got him yet. I have seen him many times during testing so he is on list. This was my first smith also. And the rep kit is amasing. It cost only 2alchemal and 1 oil and a master repkit. And it restore anything to full durability. So you can add enhancement on something that got damaged for you with this.


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