Purge rage quit

Has anyone else had a clan leave because a purge wrecked them? We had a clan join and about 4 days after they joined they had a purge hit them. This is after the update, so purge was normal. But the purge wrecked them and they rage quit the server. I just find it so strange that people would quit for something so simple or stupid. We even offered to help them out with supplies but they were just done.

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The bugs in this game can wear your patience down. Imagine this:

  • You log on, and you get a fake sandstorm that doesn’t do any damage but makes everything look like crap.
  • Then you bring your thrall with you to the Unnamed City to level him up, but he can’t find a path to anything more than half of the time, because there are 7 players online.
  • Then you manage to make him attack the Red Mother, but she makes him sink into the ground.
  • While this is happening, you get an invisible sandstorm – it does damage, but you can’t see it.
  • Then you take your thrall to the Giant Snake and kill it and it drops through the floor and you can’t harvest it.
  • Then you decide to take him to the Den and kill the King Rhino on the way.
  • While you’re riding there, you get another invisible sandstorm.
  • And then he gets stuck to a tree, and won’t move while you and your horse get stuck inside King Rhino’s head and get killed.

Now, I’ve been playing since Early Access and have a depressing amount of hours in this game, so bugs are nothing new. But it’s been 3 years and they still can’t fix the rhino hitboxes. And the thrall commands don’t work half of the time because the thrall gets stuck inside a mesh or the server is just too damn busy to work out a path. And getting a horse with the right skin and acceptable stats is duller than playing slot machines, because in Conan Exiles you have to wait until the day after you pulled the slot machine arm to find out the result.

So yeah, that got me this >< close to rage-quitting. I don’t know what happened to the clan you’re talking about, but I can understand being frustrated for what looks like a silly reason. For example, if the Purge spawned inside their base, instead of outside, then I don’t blame them.


Yeah the bugs are annoying. I would really think that after 3 years they would have sorted out most of it. A lot of the coding should have been fixed. It would have been wise to have a team working on an entire conan game to replace this current one in the background. Run tests on the new game for a few months with all the bugs resolved and then release it in an update to replace the current broken coded game. There are so many talented coders out there that could sort all this out.

In terms of the guys who rage quit the server. I think it was just a case of moving too far north with sandstone structures before they were ready. But i have seen guys leave servers because they have had fish stolen out of their fish traps.

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Been playing games since the Lisa was new. (thats an Apple PC for those that dont know).
In the early 90s when MMOs started to come out, there has been bugs and problems with every MMO since.

It seems NO ONE remembers the first two years of WoW.
We were playing Star Wars Galaxies at the time, so we did not play WoW. its now the biggest MMO ever.

Be advised, Conan is going the same route as SWG. What kilt Star Wars is killing Conan.
Stop changing it or making it “better” fix whats broke first.
Devs just cant see it this way.

Purges are weenie at any level. One of the first things we tell noobs. If your about to be purged, call for help. They dont. Thats on them.

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This is provably false. And I’m getting really tired of people: 1) blaming the players for the bugs in the game, 2) pretending they know how things work and then saying things that are demonstrably false.


I said provable, not probable, although it’s also probable :wink:

And just because it’s provable, doesn’t mean I can be arsed to prove it. You could, for example, say that “most bugs in Microsoft Word have to do with the phase of the moon” and it would be provably false, but that doesn’t mean anyone is obliged to waste their time disproving such a claim.

To put it succinctly: apart from being absurd, your claim that most bugs in Conan Exiles are due to people trying to play it on hardware that can’t handle places the burden of proof on you, not me.

“The hardware influences whether some of the bugs manifest” is a different claim from “most of the bugs are due to inadequate hardware”.

Not to mention that they’re still bugs, and as such are Funcom’s responsibility. So blaming the players is still the wrong thing to do.


Great, we’ve gone from “most bugs are due to people using inadequate hardware” to “what about interactions with other software you have installed”. It’s nice to be free to keep moving the goalposts :roll_eyes:

Yes, devs can be blamed if their code is not handling the degradation in performance gracefully. It’s a solved problem.

Yeah, let’s take your darling example of floating on foundations and other building pieces. What happens there is that the client has enough information to render the visual aspect of the building pieces, but doesn’t apply any physics to them. In other words, it’s in corrupt, inconsistent state.

When your client takes a long time to load everything from the server, that’s a graceful degradation of performance. In other words, you have bad performance, but you maintain the correctness. When your client ends up producing incorrect results because your code doesn’t handle the exceptional cases correctly, that’s the definition of a bug.

You can wax as poetic as you want, but that won’t obfuscate the fact that you keep presenting incorrect technical claims and then try to defend them with bogus arguments. I still remember when you said that 386 and 486 couldn’t handle the same amount of memory as today’s CPUs because they didn’t have the “processing power needed to index it, store it, retrieve it and keep its integrity”, and not because they have a 32-bit address bus or because the architecture has changed so that the modern CPUs incorporate certain functions of the northbridge and even southbridge.

And I see no reason why we all should accept what you say when you don’t present proper arguments and when you change well-defined terms to mean what you want them to mean.

Good. Maybe the rest of us can now get back to reasonable discussion.


Married with children. The irony is that poor Al Bundy just never seemed to manage to have that ‘nice life’.


I tried fighting the purge twice in singleplayer and it was a complete mess both times.
Sometimes the wave would simply not arrive, then other times they would somehow get on top of my roof even if I had no way up there, then they got below my foundations, half of their body sticking through the map floor. Then once they were standing at a cliff and attacking the air but were able to hit my building far away from said cliff.
And then there are my brilliant thralls who run around and sometimes decide not to attack at all.

Yeah, I disabled purge because that was no fun and just a headache. I can totally understand people rage quitting from a purge, especially if it bugs out and you don’t have the tools to stop it from doing “illegal” things that are not supposed to happen.

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I have to agree with Codemage.
Mrs, Mrs Jones uses a PC that is so old, I can not figure out how it stays running. Her Nvidia GTX 730. Its got to be 5-6 years old, yet runs Conan Exiles smooth as glass.

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