Purge spawned inside base

I just had a mammoth bouncing between three floors of my base causing all kinds of heck. Does anyone have a number for large beast fumigation services?

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1800mammothbusters :slight_smile:

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Hello there everyone!

Thank you for your time and for reporting this to us!

In order to more accurately report this, could you please provide us with further information according to this format?

Please note that any screenshots / videos demonstrating this will also assist us in reporting.

Apologies, yes.

Platform: Xbox Series X
Issue: Gameplay
Gamemode: Online Private
Server: PvE Conflict
Map: Exiled Lands
Server: Maze of the Elder Revision (#406973/34628)

Other information: I built in the mounds of the dead over several wight spawns just to the east of The Barrow King
Cimmerian Beast Tamers purged me, and several beasts spawned in the middle of a 3 floor base, some of which had roof pieces. Silly Tamers always with their practical jokes.

Here’s a mammoth in the walls getting spooked by the purge horn:

Hello there @Nethermore!

Thank you for taking the time to report this to us, however, in order for us to be able to report from our end, would it be possible for you to please provide us with further details according to the information requested on this thread on a new thread?

This will provide us with the information needed to complete your bug report.

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