Purge Super Fun

Hello i come here with complain server purge time is 18:00 to 22:00 and purge attacked on 00:00 and two seconds WHAT THE HELL fix this i lost so much thralls because of this

Sorry about your thralls.
Are you sure you have the same time as the server?

Wherw do i check it?

Hey buddy, do u have no T4 thrall fighters and archer from the relic hunter or volcano?
They are the best.
We use only T4 thralls with 7425LP.

I think i have to make a clip and load it up here.
Tomorrow after my work, i will make a clip.

I have them but they were in wheel of pains which got destroyed

Faster way is to place a sandstone foundation, destroy it, check the game event log to see if your time and the recorded time of you destroying the foundation are the same.

Its same as mine and it happened again

Have you every had a purge of rocknose bosses INSIDE a finger-rock base???
That’s a reason to cry!!!

Rocknose bosses are cute. We destroy them really fast with 103 damage weapons.

So everyone uses the predatory blade with dmg mod? :smiley:

My thralls use that but i use the bastard blade.

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