Purge, What is it Good For, Absolutely...?

Game mode: [Online PvE Official Server #3731]
Problem: [Performance | Misc]
Region: [N America]

I’ve been playing 20-30 hours most weeks on PS4 - PvE Official #3731 since Nov 2018 and had not seen a single purge until the recent large patch in March. Then my purge meter happily began moving. In the past month or so I actually had 2 purges occur, BUT both were shortly after I had logged off for the night. On this official server I believe purge window is 1800 to 2200h but mine likely occurred after midnight, thus it seems the timezones are out of sync. Both purges also hit my most northern base near the Temple of Frosty Bits - I recall some info that purges are more severe further north. The first purge totally destroyed my entire reinforced wood tower & most of the surrounding walls & benches/chests. I rebuilt with black-ice reinforced (which activity raised my purge meter nicely) and added some more thralls & pets; the second purge only made some gaps in the wall & destroyed no valuable benches or chests…“and there was much rejoicing in the village…” So I was happily waiting for the next one to capture some great thralls.
In checking the Event Log, both purges only lasted a few minutes, rather than the 45 minutes as the server states but did list various level human NPCs as destroying my items.

Then this week I finally had another purge come to fruition while I was actually online - about 2245h I believe (some time after the official time). I had been hanging out mostly at my central main base just S of The Den on the Black Rhino Boss pond but gone to a more northern base when the purge warning came… there’s the red X on my main base so I scamper back with a named bearer thrall in tow.
… Here it is… my first live Purge event…yeehaaa, here it comes…a Nest of Scorpions & that’s all…say what now? Yup, the purge lasted about 3 waves, maybe 20 minutes (hard to tell because my guarding thralls & pets obliterated the feeble attacks quickly) and only contained a few wee little scorpions that probably sting weaker than the one that stung me while growing up in Medicine Hat. No NPC humans, no named NPCs I could capture.

Ergo, my questions or feedback:

  1. Is it typical to have these wimpy purges with nothing of note to capture?
  2. Are the purges (still) more arduous or severe further N?
  3. Where were my potentially bonkable thralls?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build up your meter to a Purge.
  2. Be lucky enough to be online when the Purge strikes.
  3. Be completely underwhelmed…

First I think this post should be moved to players helping players. @Ignasis

I would urge you to read the wiki the info found there isn’t wrong. https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/The_Purge

Your experience isn’t abnormal it is possible to get a wimpy purge in the north. There are a lot of random features involved with the purge.

Keep filling your meter an awesome purge will come eventually.

Thanks @Wak4863, I’ve moved to the Players Helping Players tab. And also the link to the Purge wiki was more informative than I what I had read before.
Given that I’ve only ever had 3 purges and the first 2 I missed all had human NPCs, this one was a definite let down. Also, this purge struck a base still within the desert region and the 2 previous that had thrall NPC were near the volcano; I am certain I saw a map that showed purge severity increased closer to the volcano.
Well… more building & slaying for the next trigger.

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Hey @Ignasis could you please tell Catspaw if server 3731 has its time set by EST, PST or CST. It could be they are in a different time zone from the server or it could be the server has an issue.
(And any news on being able to get the Timezone visible on the server listings??)

Yeah there is a map on the wiki as well and you do get more “severe” purges farther north but there are instances of getting a bummer purge at a north location.

To me it sounds like you’re excited for the purge. Which is awesome. I love the purge even when they are bummer ones it changes the routine.

Love it!
This term has an entirely different meaning in Aussie slang.

Some purges lower on the map are much weaker but not always. I haven’t had a purge in months on official but at my tower of bats base in the past I’ve had hyenas, very weak with only 2 waves, 3 waves of scorpions finishing with the boss, 5 waves of undead finishing with the undead dragon. Never had a human purge.
Recently on our private home server at the same location we had a rocknose purge. That was fun. Started with a few waves of rocknose, then greater rocknose, the final wave was an almost never ending stream of rocknose Kings. Must have been about 8 or more that completely obliterated the sandstone tower me and the kids were building.
I don’t think anyone fully understands how the purge works. Other than the creatures/humans that purge are native to the area.


I’m guessing you can’t translate that on the forums?!?:face_with_monocle:


Well, I can… But it’ll probly get censored.

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There’s always a random element with Purges. You can get wimpy Purges anywhere, the Purge level indicates the maximum level of Purge you can get, but you can always get a lower one.

And occasionally you get a monster Purge far to the south. Just recently I got a huge bandit Purge on the island in the middle of Noob River - I had forgot I even had a building there (I have Decay off), but indeed, I did have a 3X2 foundations sandstone building with a campfire and a wooden box inside, and nothing else. The Purge included loads of named Black Hand Purge-only fighters and several craftsmen, so I had to loot building materials from their corpses and build several lesser Wheels of Pain around my base between waves. I managed to get a Purge blacksmith (yay!), a cook, a taskmaster and two fighters.

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You play since november 2018, I remember my first purges (I play since July 2018) happened in the middle of the night.

Never had one outside time window since a very long time, so I always supposed in the past there wasn’t a time window for purges.

Speaking about purge itself, well Frost Temple is definitely NOT a good place to have human purges, use the gamepedia’s map to find a better place for your base if you want to maximize human purge’s chances :wink:

I really want a ‘Bonkable Thrall’…


PS I cant get Edwin Starr’s War song out of my head now… Memory lane and showing age.


#3731 is located in L.A., so we guess it’s running on that timezone (PDT).
No news yet about the browser addition, although our team is aware of that suggestion.

I believe the window is 6hrs not 4

@HonkyLips I’m guessing the equivalent slang with the Auz meaning in Canada & most of the USA is “boink”… close enough for gov’t work!

Thanks @Ignasis - I could not find a time zone indication beyond the time window on the official settings page but did know I’m on a NAm server so the window should range 2 hours before to an hour after my MST (and I believe California has daylight stupid time as do we).

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