The Purge Happens While I'm Sleep... NOT COOL!


The Purge continues to occur while I’m sleeping at 3 am. The server I’m on is PS4 #3975 Oceania. It’s not fair to my Clan and myself. The meter filled up to the first level in the afternoon and then just sat there the entire day. I sent out calls to my clan members that the Purge is going to be happening soon; they all logged in, only to have nothing happen all day until we all logged off at roughly 2:45 in the morning. We come back at around 6 am to read the Event Log saying that the Purge occurred between 5 to 15 minutes (AFTER WE LOGGED OFF) THREE TIMES in the night while we slept. The entire foundation was almost completely obliterated. There were literally 4 walls and a small foundation holding up the entire home. If any more had been destroyed we would have logged on to a pile of rubble and all our gear and inventory items in chests decayed and gone.

Make this Purge thing work and fair or all my friends and I will have to find a new game to play because this game is nothing but problems and bad programming.

Are you in the same time zone as Oceanic?
If i remember, purges happen only around raid times. So if you are not on the entire raid window, it is possible for it to offline purge you.
Of course i could be mistaken.

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If I remember correctly someone said that purge time depends on server local time. So you have to pick a server that suits your time.
“On official servers’ purges will only trigger during “Purge Time” which is a subset of prime time, “Purge Time” is between 6 PM and 10 PM local time (18:00 - 22:00), all days.” from


That sounds like a 9 hour difference between the timezone where you are, and the timezone of the server… Like someone in the Americas playing on a server for Australia. You might want to do another server search and use the region selector when you filter.

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i think that the Oceanic servers are meant to be set to AEST, which is UTC+10.
So if the OP’s timezone means they should still be within the window of the purge, then I suggest he posts a query to Ignasis or Hugo (community managers) to check that the #3975 oceanic is set to AEST with purge window of 1800-2200. [occassionally I’ve seen reports that servers have had incorrect damage/purge windows and Funcom’s had to ask Gportal to correct it.]

Did you guys not use pets or thralls to defend?

To the OP and anybody confused about Purge timing: in your Main Menu | Settings, go to the Server tab. Go to the Purge section on the left, and your server’s settings should be greyed out, but displayed.


The problem comes from it being server time and determining the server time zone. If I am not mistaken, it gets adjusted for the PC users to their local zone but it doesn’t for the console player.

Sometimes offline purges can destroy buildings without any action from defending thralls and pets, I witnessed a neighbor base being molested by a purge while their pets and thralls just stood there as if everything was peaceful - They did however react and fought back once I moved closer to them.


Ah ok, good to know

The Purge killed almost ALL our Greaters.

The messed up thing is we’ve already made so much progress. I’m almost level 60 and so is my clan. I would transfer if they allowed us to take our characters with us.

That really sucks, but at this point, it’s a question of whether or not you want to “throw good money after bad” by continuing on a server whose timezone doesn’t match when you guys are actually active. Assuming it’s not simply a misconfiguration on the server, you’ll continue to get purged at very inconvenient times, so it may be better to bite the bullet now before you get totally frustrated.

Keep in mind, now that you know the game fairly well, you’ll likely progress much faster than you did on your first go-round. Hopefully that’s some small consolation. Good luck either way!


I purposely picked an East coast na server, though I live in the West. My PvP window is 3pm to 9pm. Specific for my play goals, leaves me a 1-3 hour window after PvP to recover or finish tasking if need be. Usually able to log on by 5pm, so it cuts my window to 4hrs.

Again, flithy casual… I’d say 70% pve, 30% PvP.

But only for this game, because you can lose sht. Lol, [yup a L2P issue, I know]

And despite any “ALLEGED” flaws this game has, im consistently drawn into the immersion of this game day in and out.


On day 6.5 of my new server I was purged. Sure I’ve been taking it slowly; I was only Level 53 when it began and 55.5 afterward, even if it’s just scorpions it really pays off. Considering your experience level now, a new server might be considerably faster for you this time. Especially if you have teammates to help you rush forward.

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Purges are limited to certain times–should say on your server settings. My neighbor built too close to my base and a purge heading for my base ran right through his destroying many of his buildings even though he was not online at the time. Your event history should indicate if the purge was activated for you and when each purge wave started and ended. If you qualify for all the waves of a purge the last two can be quite deadly and include waves of boss monsters which will bring down almost any wall unless actively fought back. Lots of pets at key entrance points are excellent defense against a purge. Double reinforced walls (reinforced with fence foundations) will slow purges down and allow you to kill them with poison arrows. For some reason thrall archers suck at fighting purge monsters but pets excel.


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