No Purges for three months

I haven’t had a purge in months although all my setting are correct.

And I think the purges should depend on how many thralls and pets you have.

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If your meter isn’t filling up it means you need to do more stuff. If this is the case you can also just put the game on the lowest setting (electricity savings) in the smallest window and just idle there for 10 hours or however long you can.

If your is full but no purge is coming:


I assume you are playing offline. You could change the 40,000 vanilla setting to something a good bit lower that is what I do on my server to speed up purges.

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Joder pues qué suerte tienes, porque a nosotros nos vienen cada dos por tres, y como aparezcan en base te la revientan

Thank you for responding. When you say offline, do you mean not on a specific server? Because I had purges til the 3rd or 2nd to last update

Are you playing on a server official private or in a offline line game?. If offline time shuts down when you log off. If you are not doing much purge will take a long time official or private depending upon private server settings let me know will try to help.

No definetly no. Purge meter is filling for too many reasons but doing all of them in a row and back from the beginning. @TeleTesselator uploaded you a video of @Wak4863 and he deserves a thank you too :wink:.
The most important rule for purge that do not change no matter the update is to visit your server every single day.
@sestus2009 made a very important question that will define the reason of your problem the most…
Single player?
Official server?
Private server?
Answering first this will help us to help you.
Cheers m8, welcome


I think I would ask where you are built? They made a change along noob river a few patches back that removed the purge from a rather large area of the map.


Single player. The other changes didn’t help. Some I had already as far as settings go.

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I play on Playstation online, either on official or private servers, I have over a year to play on single player and accept a purge. Most of the times that I connect on single player is to fix pilot builds or things for contests that we have here in the forum.
I would gladly share with you my routine, since I can accept purge more or less in 3 days, but I am not sure if this will help. I will summon @Croms_Faithful in this conversation @Sera67 and (cross fingers) @DanQuixote. These 3 are original single players, so I believe they will help you the most in your problem.
Wak is one of the members that helped us a lot the last years here and either he is a YouTuber or not he is an excellent member, excellent, feel free to ask for his advice, he plays both on Playstation and pc and every word from him is 100% valid.
Thank you m8 for letting us know.


Hi @Tpjazm and welcome back! A question for you. Where is your base located? Is your base built in the River biome? Because if it is you will no longer receive Purges in (all but the tiniest fractions of) this biome. In addition a couple of other locations, such as just south of the Muriella’s Hope appear to be bugged. Aside from that, do you have access to the admin panel? Because if so and these and the other ideas do not help, then it may be time for us to take a peek under the hood at your settings.


Is there a map for this?
with details?
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Here’s a video I did. Should be a map in the video and coordinates in the description.


Well I try! But I still get it wrong from time to time and I’m the first person to admit it and rectify my wrongs. :wink:


Depending on what setting are. (changing them can reset purge)

Few spots on map they will not purge (dispsite being in purge zones) Only found a few, think most have been adjusted.

If you got correct setting, I assume then its location, or amount of foundations not adding up.

For “ME” When I want to mess around in SP, and force one.

I build about 50 foundations (Start point, “below purge trigger” starting)
I then change Purge setting so interval is 0 to 1 mins. Then I set amount needed to 2000-4000.

Then i finish off bases foundations spam and wall. (Its about 80-90 foundations total) And Toss arounds Pets and thralls and wait. (It’ll trigger Purple Bar, depending on time of day, I’ll need wait for enough time to pass for Start to trigger.

And yays…

Few things, If you have In-game Timer set from default, Purges can trigger at night, or mid day instead of early morning. (most common anyway) So Super Long day times setting can really goof purges that are waiting for next day to kick in.

If you can’t trigger a purge with those 2 minor setting change, (to cover all bases)

  • Base is in a non trigger spot. (bar is filling, bit not trigger after in-game day passes)
  • Time for Purges is set Funky, and not allowing it. (Time and Day)
    -Bar isn’t filling, Purges on isn’t check, or issue at hand.

If you have screen cap of your setting. Could help.

With 0-1min intervals and 2000 trigger, I set them off back to back. Really only ever have 10min wait timer, or having wait for day to cycle as breaks. =3


Thx dude.



Huh, I didn’t know that… Interesting! Is it still true today?


Yup no changes have been made to it since that update. :wink::+1:


If you’re in single player, admin spawn a convergence trap, load it with lesser ??? to completely drain your purge meter then wait. Destroy the trap after the meter has emptied, then spawn in a second trap and load it with the other type of ??? to force a purge, then wait again.

Why destroy the trap?