Purges are still the buggiest thing about this game


Hi just recently we had a purge of lizards but instead of them spawning outside they were inside an unbreakable rock and started to shoot down on our base destroying it why has this game got so many bugs still it sucks to play sometimes


Yeah, it can be pretty bad when the Purge spawns inside rock or inside your base. I believe the Devs planned to add Purge fixes after the AI (thralls) updates were done.

So those Purge improvements should be on the way (maybe by summer)?

There is a nice video from Wak4863 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElwjPldrF2Q).
It perfectly shows when and when not purges spawning inside of bases.
I change the setup of one of my bases and haven’t a purge spawned inside since then.

Yes, I’ve seen his video and it covers most of the common issues. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. I’ve had purges spawn inside a base that had easy ground access. And in more than one location.
While changing base access can alleviate many issues, the purge still has spawning issues.

Ideally, you want a base that has one ground level access so it directs all the Purge forces attack to that one location. You create a choke point so that you can defend easily. But sometimes the Purge, for whatever reason, decides to spawn elsewhere. One theory I have is that the Purge detects ceiling tiles as a free space to spawn. I’ve had a cheap, box base with a ceiling tile roof and the Purge spawn on the ceiling tiles. I changed them out for roof tiles and the Purge no longer spawned up there. I’ve also had success with ramps. But ceiling tiles seem to be a “Purge magnet.” At least, that’s the theory so far. It will require further testing to confirm.

My last purge spawning inside of my base was when I walled in my main building without a contact between the main building and the wall.
The purge interpreted this as two different bases and therefor the purge tried to attack my main base they had to spawn inside because the way to the main building was blocked by the wall.
After I placed some foundations to make a connection between the wall and the main building the purge spawned again outside.

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