Put in a 'Reload Bodies' function

We’ve all been there. We knock out or kill something, and the next thing you know the body has “disappeared”.

The “solution” to this is to either log on and off, or run out of range and then back again. But why do we have to do this?

Why not put in a ‘Reload Bodies’ function? Something that you can click on and will simply unload & reload all of the bodies around you.

Because the current method of reloading a body is really buggy and annoying.

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Yes. This. ^^^^

I think Funcom tried to fix this in a patch, but it didn’t work. Same problem still exists. And they’ll probably never be able to fix it.

There is no reason for them not to implement this.

Because if you can “reload bodies” you can fix the issue without the button. If every bug was solved with a button, we’d have an endless menu of buttons rather than addressing the bug. I dont want a “reload bodies” button that either sits on my screen or that I have to fish for. Better yet, when it happens, mark the coordinates and file a bug report.

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You can’t be serious…

You’re trolling, right? :smiley:

Actually, he is not trolling.
If the functionality “Reload Bodies” could be used with a button, then it must exist.
If it exists, then it can be executed automatically without the need for a button.

Im not trolling. If a spot is such that bodies fall thru the mesh, fix the problem with the mesh at that location, not add a body button. So when it happens, mark the coords using teleport player if on pc (or take a picture of your tv on console) and file a report.

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We all know that this would somehow mess up situations where reload bodies would not even be necessary, and instead of fixing the small occurrences of clipping, would be an issue for everyone else instead.

We can’t even properly control undermesh yet, with players dying while delving into random caves lol.

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But it’s not a problem with the mesh. It happens EVERYWHERE on the map.
Also, this bug is old. Probably about 2 years old. It has had bug reports galore. If it hasn’t been fixed yet, what good is another bug report going to do?

The reason you sound like you’re trolling is… this suggested function bothers you why?
Pretend there’s a button under Esc -> Settings -> Audio that would reload the bodies all around you. You don’t have to use it. But it can’t hurt to be there. Yet… this bugs you?

How is that worse than the current situation, where you have to sign out and in, in order to do the exact same thing? Seriously, how?

They could have a hidden button that causes balloon animals to appear the screen. But I wouldn’t care about it if I didn’t have to press is. But for you, it does. So if you’re not trolling, why?

Are you trolling? Are you really OCD about new functions? Are you one of the developers with a sockpuppet account who doesn’t want to do any work? How are you finding negatives with this?

Because I want bugs fixed, not papered over with a button that can have its own bugs. Funcom has a finite amount of time and changing UI for a bug that needs fixed would be better spent fixing the bug. You dont have to relog; just run in and out of render distance. Would take about the same time anyway. I do it all the time.

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When given a choice between creating a workaround for a bug, or just dealing with it, you’re like “keep the bug, they’ll patch it out eventually.”

Well congrats, you broke my brain. You must be one of those Devils Advocate people who argues the opposite of what anyone says, no matter how ridiculous it sounds.

Who argues against a fix that is beneficial for everyone, and impact’s nobody negatively? Welcome to the internet, I guess.

Well it’s now September 2020. Let’s just make a mental bookmark of that. Because I have a feeling that we’re going to be able to look back at this page 5-10 years from now and say “yep, they still never fixed that bug.”

Your ignoring that I said they should fix the bug, not keep it. They can spend time on a workaround or time fixing it. Fixing it is better.



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That’s not trolling, that’s idealism. On the one hand, he’s right: they really should fix the underlying bug. On the other hand, I would settle for “papering it over” with a button, if it can be squeezed into the game more easily than the actual fix.

Wait, are you trolling? Or do you actually believe Conan Exiles devs will want to spend their time in pointless discussions on these forums, when doing literally anything else – including taking a cheese grater to their privates – is more pleasant?

Not to mention that if the team doesn’t want to do something, they don’t even need to argue about it with you, much less send their devs to do so…

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People believe the oddest things - I’ve been “accused” of being an alt account for either Ignasis or dear old Jens Erik at times!


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