PvC Friendly Fire

Simply remove it from the PvP time aspects as I keep killing my Clan with my two handed weapons and it’s not exactly needed during PvP time as you want to fight others not your group or allow it to be toggled off based on the desire.

That’s why different weapon types exist, to be used in different situations. Two-handed swords are designed for one-vs-many situations, short swords and spears for many-vs-many situations. Don’t expect one weapon type to be optimal for everything.

The “friendly fire” feature exists for exactly the situations where you’d like to disable it.

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Just be more careful or use other weapons, the PvP time in PvE-C is basically the same as on a PvP servers only in different timing and without being able to break in or destroy bases.

I always tend to kill or stagger my own thralls… pretty annoying wherever you stand and fight the thrall always walk infront of you…

Whilr I agree whole heartily it’s not efficient to carry more than 2 weapons or expect everyone in a group to all do the same thing or want to not use their favorite weapon over teamwork in some cases my friend is exactly this but because of that he also does the most damage even if he clips 60% of my HP while doing it.

Thralls are fine to me if they die however I would prefer when playing with long time friends not to be clipped by them, even if no toggle off button will be made the danage of specific legendary weapons aka 2 handed weapon are quite overwhelming and the damage from friendly fire should be 25% of the normal damage theh would do otherwise but it seems WAY higher than it should be.

Voidforge Gladius. That’s a possible solution to your problem. Either that or saying sorry many, many times… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I get you, but doing changes to friendly fire will make it easier for huge gangs to camp a player and gangbang him/her without risking to kill their own teammates…

Which will result in a much easier gangbang for the bigger party :confused:

■■■■■■■■ isn’t allowed
Gangbang is allowed

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:rofl: :rofl:

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