PVE (C) Walls and griefing [RE]

NOTE: PVE And PVE - C (NOT pvp)

PVP is totally another subject in the context of wall builders and griefers.
Pvpers can handle it themselves. So please don’t react with pvp views.

PVE and PVE-C servers need help from FC to solve it.

We cannot not let it slip, 7 days and topics decay inhere, suffocating dialogs wich are of substantial importance to PVE (-c) players trying to find a solution.

Have a cool day.


Your solution would be a working purge which is really agressive…

It’s not the number of days a building (or unwanted structure) needs to be lowered to counter griefers, but there must be a way to punish people to build too much (and its mostly griefers (or pvpers wanting more land being claimed for their safety) who build that much).

Those who want to grief will grief even if decay was set to 24 hours.
Sure, they would be running around all day which should become a pain in the ■■■ at some point - but can you guess how many players would quit due to real life if decay became that short? :frowning:

So decay is not the answer we have to hope for.
Eighter moderation (which wont happen) or purge becoming more agressive (probably more agressive the more parts an owner owns).


I disagree that griefers are the only ones who build a lot. Unfortunately, coming up with a really good solution would require more time and resources than Funcom is prepared to invest. :frowning:

Well first off: “build too much” means more than just 3-10 bases.
Also I didnt mean to say its griefers (and pvpers) only to build much.
I knew some player a year ago who built bases every 15 meters… That was aweful.

However it’s still mostly griefers who build that much. If a clan builds a few more bases in giant sizes they will have to be prepared defending those.

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in this forum.<

“decay of the topics with our discussion about Grieving and Wallbuilding.”(I cant find a word for it)
Autoclose? Sometimes we dont react for a week but the issue is not gone.

I misused the word decay there. Xcuse me as ENG is not my native Lang.
My point is we should not let go and keep reposting the topics :hugs:

I am motivated to this, because i’ve seen another two Official servers beeing destroyed by griefers,mutilating the beautiful game by connecting- biome wide walls to forceclimb and stumble upon, it’s just not acceptable anymore.

We paid for the right to enjoy this game.

It is getting so bad something really needs to be done and the point should get across to FC


If I could add my 2 cents. It’s not just how much is being built on the PVE servers, but what is being built. I play on 2731 for Xbox. Saturday while walking to the dregs, I ran into a giant swastika. It was about 7 foundation blocks high. Thankfully it was decayed enough that I was able to demolish it.


Sign for this PVE and PVE-C server need a help to stop this, a limit on construction maybe, more really aggressive purge if you buy too much, it’s not matter if clan build some base in every zone but how they build.
Big sandstone cube high like 50 wall size or similar.

Fallout 76 solves every single problem CE has… Funcom could learn from this:

  • Limiting building without taking away freedom: Place down a C.A.M.P. anywhere, and build within it’s claim radius. This way nobody can claim the entire map, and connect it via decay umbilical.

I think a claim radius is also needed in CE, because let’s be BRUTALLY honest here…

I know 4 people on my server, who think building public markets the size of entire continents is a good ide in a game that doesn’t even support public chests, or PINs.

People think it’s fine to occupy kilometers upon kilometers of land FOR DECORATION, so they can inflate their Egos through the roof.

If everyone is limited to plots of 32 x 32, people will make the most of that space and expand vertically instead of horizontally.

I think more than one plot is fine, and even needed (wheel outposts), as long as people can’t connect them with roads.

P.s. this also makes bases more viable for purges, so purge chances don’t get wasted on some Futgeschoss who then comes on here to complain he never get’s purged, because he owns every inch of flat land.

Amem. Thats something I brought up months ago, nobody could see ahead and realize the problem it is becoming, specially now Purges have NEVER worked properly.

People have freedom to build unlimited without Purges getting on their way, lets analysis the facts:

  1. Purges never triggered in the past, when it happened they immediately failed, people had months to build unchallenged
  2. Then Purges started happening (rarely) but creatures could not damage structures
  3. After that Purges were “fixed” but still never happened due to code picking inactive players and clans, having a Purge was as rare as finding water in the desert
  4. Now it was “fixed” again, too bad peoples Purge meter dropped everyday instead increasing, now most have been Purge free for weeks.

In short, Purges NEVER did its job to control player building capacity, maps are overwhelmed with structures, massive castles, some people even build entire CITIES! Now we got to the point people have hundreds of chests filled with thousand materials, hundreds of thralls equiped in full epic gear and legendary weapons.

Nothing the game can throw at them can really endanger them anymore, specially because almost all structures are in middle difficult Purge area, very few people bother to build at the frozen part of the map, its too far away from everything else. People had months to build unstoppable, with no challenge and now we are at this point. Even if Funcom does the MIRCALE of getting Purges to WORK the damage is done. They either reset servers or work around on a solution.

As I said long ago, purges should consider the threat a player/clan offers. The more land they have claimed, the more structures they have, the size of their thrall army… all this should be taken in consideration. They cant have the same Purge rate as a lvl 20 player with a single T1 house in the noob river, they oppose a much greater challenge to the land and they should suffer the consequences. People who fall into this category should have their meter fill so fast that they would get attacked everynight, if Purges cant spawn a dragon to attack their massive castle with 300 archers than they should attack them constantly, damage will be done, thralls will still be lost, maintance will be constantly required!

Players that own 30 bases and have 500 thralls, almost unlimited material stocked and access doesnt care about Purges anymore. They have so much and can gather even more that they dont care anymore…even if they lose outpost in a offline Purges. Most people have enough material to rebuild their bases 20 times, the lost outpost can be rebuilt in 20 minutes, restock the materials in a hour and not see another Purge for a week.

We will sometimes take action if we see a need for it, like players blocking off the entire spawn desert to block new players from even entering the game map. If this is happening on your chosen server, please let us know via the Exploit Hunters page :slight_smile:

We wanted players to be able to build large settlements if they wanted. A claim radius ala Fallout 76 would hamper a lot of creative players.


That remains to be seen :3

Very commendable! However, do Funcom have any plans to address the bad behavior of certain players on official PVE / PVE-C servers at any point? Things like claiming half the map, building into or through other people’s bases (those who don’t protect themselves with massive claim-fences, anyway), building on and despawning resources just to grief others, etc?

Decay does not do the job, as it’s very easy to link everything together and refresh it by logging in once per week. If anything, the decay timer just hampers “regular” people with jobs and a life way more than those who grief or exploit and are online all the time.

The Purge, ideally, should do something, but even when it worked, it didn’t seem to make much of a difference. It is, however, still probably the best bet within the existing game mechanics.

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Does the same attitude apply to pvp servers, where if a clan is blocking content with so many foundations that you simply cannot bomb it to clear it? Will people go delete said parts? (Referring to 5k foundations blocking the Shattered Springs and about another 5K spammed around the volcano, and volcano obelisk)

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Limiting radius ala 76 is technically less creative than what CE has. Basically, a majority of players on fallout will build a meta build of cubes. It is a video game, and there will always be those things.

CE only limits based on “unradiable” guidelines, like undermeshing, certain spawns, areas that would remove the the seige mechanic in theory.

I think the issue lies in how CE was structured. It is structured as a survival game, that has leaned more on surving against other players than the enviroment. Hence, like @Mikey has stated, the purge needs to be the dominant cleanser for official servers. And TBH, NPC’s should be be more aggressive as well. Make me worry when i go thru a camp, even at level 60 :slight_smile:

Also, as far as Thrall AI against purges, i think we sometimes get caught up in the idea that if i have thralls, the purge should be stopped. Any other outcome is becasue the thralls didn’t function properly. But i have had 2 experiences where thralls worked as intended, as helpers, not as unbeatable shields.

1st, was on a tower base, purge of gorillas spawned inside base. The archers went to town, but i still had to attack as well.

The other was exile dogss attacked, and i had one berserker equipped with a trundeon, and TOGETHER we subdued it (but still know legendary black smith :frowning: ).

Is there some tweaking to the AI yes, but to say they are useless is also fiction. They are what they are, and if depending on them to stop a purge by themselves is ones stategy, then the strategy is whats broken.

The only flaw with thrall AI is maybe the offline purge. I would rather see the purges happen when you are online. Maybe if your number comes up when you are offline, it stacks instead of attacks. so when you are online it will trigger automatically, and that is how you get harder purges. And once triggered, it completes its cycles, whether you log off or not. Just my humble opinion.

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Or what about 2 levels of decay timer…current 7 days, that goes into raidable 24/7 for 3 days, then full decay.

This would apply to ALL servers. Hence, if something wasn’t kept up to date, PVE’ers could get to Michael Bay and God some stuff :slight_smile:

Offline purges should be a publicly marked event.

Can’t be abused either cuz the purge would crimp that target base with or without player luring.

But at least this way potential crafter spawns won’t be wasted, and creates gameplay.

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Mh. I dont really agree on this.
The times when I get the most creative?
When I am limited or got a difficult terrain.

A full base doesnt require to be HUGE.
I think I once managed to get most of the needed stuff in a 2x3x2 thingy.
Should have contained a furnace, smithbench, carpenter, armory, tannery, campfire and dryer plus my bedroll. And a tiny number of chests (on top of stations). Maybe I forgot something.

Every bigger base is for convenience and higher efficiency.
And for the looks.

I agree. At some point bombs wont really help. Someone else did correct my number on bombs needed per foundation. It’s still been 15-17. (I said 20.)
And with the landclaim some people lay out removing them could already count as word. Lets say there is a 100x100 big square around some obelisk. To remove that thing completely, someone would need to farm 398*17 bombs:
378100 steelfire.
6766 demon blood.
33830 brimstone.
169150 crystals.
6766 jars and 33830 tar.
Crafting time for steelfire: 12766.6 minutes.
Crafting time for dragonpowder: 6766 minutes.
Crafting time for bombs: 1127.6 minutes.

Of course then someone needs to place and detonate those bombs, which in case of those 6766 bombs will take a decent chunk of time.

Or am I wrong?

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Nope, your right. Spam is one thing if its a handful of foundations, or a building. Those can be dealt with, but when you deal with a massive number approaching the thousands (especially the T3’s) the cost to gain just becomes unreal. The same clan that did this on the server Im on, has a base with about 50k parts. It crashes players games to raid it…so there is absolutely no point in attacking it. It kills the server, and its kind of negative to see that kind of action in a game. That being said, there are no rules against this…its just a dic move.

technically, probably half+ would do it (would need to test how much it reduces every foundation out from center) with spray damage included. And your steelfire, brimstone and tar #'s are off. for 6676 you basically need 372130 of tar and brimstone (forgot the 5 brimstone per dragon powder, and 5 tar for final bomb). and only need 338300 steel fire.

***These numbers reflect T4 crafters at stations as well.

And building vs destroying has always been skewed. it would take what 3 founds high plus fencing (inside and out) to block an ob. 25x25 area would do it on most.(293 founds, 2 door frames, 2 doors and 188 fences. Farming and craft time, 8 hours tops total)

I still like the idea of both worlds, build “anywhere” conan, but with a claim object to claim area like the feed pots. This way, people have targets they can hit to break connection spammed walls. It could be tiered as well. 5x5, 10x10, 25x25 area. And since one could not place in teh obelisk area, they would almost have to have 4 to cover their walls on each side of obelisk.