PvP Official server #1101 Clan Ushivsishi preventing player progress

Dear Funcom players from clan Ushivsishi on Official server #1101 PvP g portal. Are preventing the spawn of resourses and animals in multiple locations several times. Areas include Shattered Rock (brimstone lake), preventing the Resourse spawn, boss spawn and enemy/NPC spawns, Shattered Rock (savannah region), preventing multiple animals from spawning, including the Elephant and Lion bosses. Along with that they build very close to other players foundations and fences, repeatedly to prevent players progress by not allowing them to go out or in.

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They won’t help unless they completely block off the spawning area. It’s a PvP server and you have the means to counter that.

So start building some trebuchets to remove that stupid claim :wink:

Problem is when we clean t3 foundations he will set new one.

Problem is the replacement even after clean up, just reamking them so far.

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