PVP raiding, just follow the green wall

… all over the map and you will find good bases to raid :slight_smile:

They are now all hiding there!


Yep. Called the circle in approach if hunting for some one. Start at the green wall, then every high point in between.

Finally, PvP tactics.

server 1974. mines on the green wall in the volcano come and get me…if you can :stuck_out_tongue: ( Clan Fu )

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Wait there’s a green wall in the volcano? ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What is the advantage of building right on the edge of the map? Seems weird to me.

One less direction people can come from, and, if things go bad, you can always burn your loot by jumping into the wall.

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That sounds really cheap and petty :frowning:

Slicing the pie is a very valid tactic in this game. Having an NPC camp or green wall at one side means 270 degrees vice 360 to defend. :slight_smile:

When I get ganked, I’m known for dumping all my inventory as I autorun. Denying the enemy your loot or killing him during its retrieval is paramount. Putting it behind the wall makes it harder for him.

Perhaps, but in war, its better to lose then to feed your enemy.

Meh. Still bad form imo. Guess it makes sense for pure pvp win at all cost play.

More of an RP PvPer, I guess. I like to have allies and enemies and reasons for fighting that are driven by interactions between the character I’m playing.

To my mind, if I lose (and lose fairly, not just some random gank by a mob), the victor deserves the spoils. Pity dying to green walls doesn’t reset your character to level 1 :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh I hear you. Id rather go down swinging all the time, its more fun for me.

Though I think resetting a toon for hitting the wall is a wee bit extreme… :smiley:

If you were dying to someone who attacked you purely because you have something they want (the only real reason for conflict), you’d be saying ‘here, take all my things, you earned them through honorable fighting’? Nah. You’d be saying ‘f*ck you’. And if there was a magic wall that vaporized you and allowed a ‘if I can’t have it no one can’ option with your goodies you’d take it.

I gotchu 2 months ago :wink:

Lost a thrall & a decent amount of raiding gear being pushed through the wall by 20 odd Sand Reapers, Wolves & Lions trying to sneak up on a side of a wallbound base a little while back. Not an entirely terrible defence.

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