PVP servers should be wiped after people did things they shouldn't

We didn’t have any issues with dupers on the server I played on, and reimbursement was a horrible affair considering the server was a 70 man server that was full during prime time. While a private server has an easy time reimbursing items here and there on occassion, it gets stupidly hard and mostly impossible when you need to do nearly 200 people.

I would assume it’s done on that scale in a way similar to how I’ve had it offered to me. On a large-scale Private when they did a rollback due to a Fly hack, we were asked to submit our screenshots for reimbursement of certain items. During that time, they said they did pretty much the same thing for the official Item Wipe(s). Thinking… three items, probably time-consuming but not too rough for active admins.

It might just be better if they fully tested everything in test live before bringing it to official servers. The ‘D’ word has been around since the dinosaurs walked the exiled lands. If servers were wiped every time the ‘D’ word showed up then players would be lucky to even make it across noob river.

Now you’re just speaking crazy talk :stuck_out_tongue:

And I want to be clear with my support on the current subject of wipes: I’m not suggesting that we wipe every time we have this issue. However, we’ve had several issues over these fast few cycles, and the game has reached a tipping point where a wipe will fix more than it breaks imo

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Yup I agree with this entirely.

The balance PvP wise is now with those who have done things in game that shouldn’t be done and now clean players have to dislodge seats of power.

Conan is not balanced, and that is fine. I don’t think I would like it as much if all things were equal. Its a constant puzzle. However yes it is broken as a result of bad patches allowing players to censored.


You can have a fresh start.

Spin up your own server.

If you do not want to rent one, use the Dedicated Server App. You’ll need to configure your firewall to make it available to the outside world, but the thread includes those instructions.

Nope I don’t want to spin up a server. I don’t want to be an admin and I certainly don’t want to be ruled over by one. And most of all I don’t like bending the knee to cheats.

Some people might find that easy to do, I however expect to play via the TOS and I expect the TOS to be enforced.


Okay, but you are fine with punishing everyone due to the actions of a few.

Your choice, but this is just one of the myriad reasons I don’t play on public servers.

The only servers that would be wiped in such an action are public servers. Private server wipes are up to the owners/admins.

If you don’t play on public/officials you don’t have a dog in the hunt.


Neither do you. Its FC’s servers to wipe or not wipe at their discretion. They can ban for any reason at all, or no reason. They can turn them on and off at will. Delete bases and characters on a whim.

Unless you believe its part of the game that we bought, in which case anyone who has purchased the game can make suggestions or feedback. Doubly so since you have no idea if such players won’t decide some day to switch back, even if they say they wouldn’t previously.

You can’t have it both ways.

This is a correct statement in either case, an opinion shown by not only some but most players who do actively play on those servers.

Wait I am suggesting a change to the game mode I play on the servers I play on but by your logic I don’t have a dog in the hunt as it is my character and my assets that will would be wiped along with everyone else… but the guy that doesn’t play official and therefore won’t be wiped… can because he bought the same game.

K… don’t follow but lets keep pulling the thread.

Funcom can do what they want when they want and how they want because it is their servers…


You know what… I am not even going to bother beyond that. Not even going to try. You have yourself a fantastic day.

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Wrong. You are not the arbitrator of the rules of the debate. I might as well say if you don’t like chocolate chip ice cream, you don’t have a dog in the fight.

You want to make this about whose opinion is “right.”


You stated a problem. I proposed a solution.

You don’t like the solution and now want an argument.

No. Patter away, we are done.

I can see how @ugh_thump may have snuffed you out. Your solution was to rent a server? Hardly a solution.

Funcom punishes their playerbase all the time. Letting dupes go on for weeks/months is more damaging than wiping servers Most of which are dead. I do wonder if body vaults play any part in server performance and this comes from someone who has many.


Wrong, and demonstrably so. My solution was to either rent a server or use the FREE dedicated server app. It’s free. You can tell by how free it is.

Plus, it does not cost anything.

Hence, free.

That’s nice. We are done. You have already proven an inability to comprehend reading.

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Yeah but, how much does it cost? :smirk:


My apologies so your solution is to either rent a server or have a dedicated server. Just to clarify is a dedicated server just on pc?

So why my opinion is that your opinion is hardly a solution… for one you are just pushing past a problem the company should actually deal with. So if private/dedicated servers had a big issue where they needed to have a restart and I’m the example the admins can’t do anything about it. Would your solution just be go to officials? The take away is issues like hacking and duping should not be ignored. I believe deep down funcom knows this but struggles to do the “right” thing.
I still don’t see it happening tbh due to their history of overlooking things similar to your solution.

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Imagine my concern.

You do see my sarcasm? Yes I understand we all have our opinions but that’s why I said hardly. I think you secretly want the last word so good day sir

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I see you want an argument where there is none.

Intellectually, I understand this mindset exists. Emotionally, it is so alien to me that I wonder folks embrace it.

Someone telling you your suggested solution doesn’t actually address the problem presented is not asking for an argument.

In fact you’re the only one using the word argument or coming off as truly argumentative.

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