PVP-state world effects for PVE-C (and others)

For PVE-C servers, I wonder if there could be optional world effects indicating the current PVP setting of the server. Like PVP at night denoted by the deep red glow of a blood moon, or the sky turning a dusky rust color during daytime PVP hours. Just as an option for servers (especially RP servers) who might like that sort of thing. And if other servers wanted to use such environmental world-states as backdrops for other types of events, I could see that being useful.

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I agree, even something indicating begin and end of purge-time would be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

I think this could make more immersive the game even in thoose important aspects.

A visual effect would be great, but also an in-game story about what’s happening !

Because, in general, it’s always better to have also an in-game reason for something you need for meta-game reasons :wink:

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