PVP'ers, tell me about target lock!

Target lock is a crutch for PvP battles with the only possible exception being controller players.

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Is this really mouse versus game controller? Does it make crossplay happen?

What exactly is broken with target lock that needs fixing? So, I read there is a on/off switch on the server side.

Ooh, OP stone daggers again.

target lock = bad

having good aim = good

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Target lock does not belong to pvp servers, it makes pvp pointless - people will just lock and spam - not much skill involved.
Don’t get me wrong im not saying people using it have no skill - it just disables many factors for pvp fights - its like cutting out some features.

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With a controller, even with “The Claw” or amazing thumb fidelity, your resolution is significantly lower. As a consequence, without target lock the majority of players are constantly fiddling with their sensitivity settings and generally feeling unsettled.

If it could be, mouse users who wish to use Target Lock should be limited to the same “response” as the controller. With variable resolution on a gaming mouse you can be a laser beam ballista.

Until @Nightwatch wrote convincingly on its behalf, I was against Target Lock.


Mostly it’s not matched weapons or anything like that.
Some arranged tournaments force the weapons and armor to be the same between contestants, and lends the gear to the fighters themselves. But, mostly any PVP fight in an RP-PVP server (ours at least) is a 1v1 scenario with whatever they have equipped at the time someone decides it’s fightin’ time.
Yes to all the rest. :smiley:

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Also trying to get Funcom to add a 3-step server option for target lock,
so that it can still be used for PVE but turned off from PVP.
If you wanna help me with that, bump the post or shout at funcom with me in there

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this dagger + auto aim meta is ridiculous =P

but not as much as jhebbal claw + bug ^^

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For this I will bring this statement back again:

I am not sure why players can’t just fight and see who wins. It seems there is more effort not in getting better at fighting, but by trying to find new ways to to prevent others from being able to fight (and/or fight back).

The way things change, the way they stay the same.


Not to be glib, but everyone’s afraid of losing face, and losing their stuff. With the way it is on Testlive, I feel like I care less about preserving my kit now that I can pretty much wear and wield what I want.


Because they are cowards who fear death.
Even knowing it is just a minor inconvenience they eagerly hide a bruised ego or clout. They live in terror of lost reputation and loss of standing from not being “undefeated”.

Because they want to live forever
That unbroken line is bragging rights, and many braggards prefer to be telling the truth, or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof, just in case anyone investigates. Also, what if something happens while they are respawning? They may miss out on it.

Because we are basically playing villainous warlords from the source material
Life is cheap, power over other people (player or thrall) is the real goal. Wealth is measured in possession of stee- er, eldarium or whatever super material we use to make our super weapons. Now Sorcery to supplement our congo line of religious sacrifices.
How do the petty despots in REH work? Do they boldly stand forth and fight with honour, or, even if powerful, do they hide behind waves of mooks and use every craven trick to avoid personal peril?

This one is 30% jesting with this post.


Target lock is for lazy players who dont want to learn how to aim. You can be good with daggers with proper aim aswell. But letting the game aim for you should not exist. Not even in a game like this. In FPS it’s called aimbot or aimlock wich is bannable. Here you have it for free lol.

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This is a good point, and relevant to the context of this discussion. The OP wants data for duels on a role-playing server. But the PvP that happens on official servers isn’t about dueling. It isn’t about fair fights. It’s about winning (or at least making the other guy lose).

That’s why the PvP videos we see are often about many ganging up against one player; or ambushing an unprepared opponent; or an uncoordinated many vs. many melee where people strike at whichever backside is turned towards them, with thralls sprinkled between players.

So the usefulness of target lock may be context-dependent in such a way that the opinions of PvPers may not accurately match the situations that would interest the OP.


No, not really. On consoles yes. But not for PC. But conan is not an FPS, in FPS your aim need to be crisp and fast, in conan it’s not the case. There is several players playing with controller where I play, and do pretty good without autofacing or target lock.

Not everyone :grin:

Edit: I suppose I should add something substantial. Here’s a point I haven’t seen anyone bring up: if it’s true that you are a better fighter in the game if you can fight well without lock on, which I believe is true from experience, then it’s also true that having the option for lock on shouldn’t hurt hardcore fighting players much. They should mostly win anyway right? Barring other things like gear imbalance or being outnumbered and trapped.

So what’s wrong with casual players having the option of using lock on again? Just that it improves their chances against a more hardcore player? Isn’t that a good thing?

Edited again because I talk too much I’m trying to cut back


That’s exactly how @Nightwatch won me over, the scamp. That’s why I think Target Lock is OK.

Present company excluded, of course!

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We say it like this, is it okey for an casual player to cheat in other games where there is no autolock? I know auto lock isnt a cheat, but in many other games it is. Still, using autolock instead of learning how to aim is just lazyness. You should not be benefited for lazyness meanwhile other players practise to get better at aiming and predicting. If you are an casualplayer who lack aiming, then you should be punished for it against someone who’s not. That’s why autolock should get removed (autofacing) aswell.

Well no, but there is autolock in this game so like you said, it’s not cheating.

I agree.

This is what I don’t agree with. I guess I think the game should reward practice and time invested, not punish laziness. And it already does that. Autolock’s not gonna help a new or casual player against a hardcore veteran. At best it might help them land an extra hit or two. And I think that’s good, it makes the game more fun for them. Games are meant to be fun right? For everyone who wants to play. Not just for people who want to seriously master the game.

lol. no it is not a good thing.
If some one put a lot of hours playing, training and etc on a game, it doesn’t make sense if a casual player smash buttons an kill this seasoned player.
It’s called reward.

There are a lot of bad mechanics that ruin games.
one of them present in Conan exiles is the target lock and the other one is Instakill (lance).

currently it is pretty hard even for an experienced player to deal with multiple opponents, even if they are newbies (not counting the no-brainer dagger button smash).
When we add daggers + target lock, it becomes it gets even worse.
Not to mention Bow + target lock (in 3.0 it will be possible to make heavy shots while target locked ^^) so you can 2 shots every player without even need to aim properly.

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What about follower influence in a fight. Is that not a game help of sorts. i mean if we both have the same exact thrall, the game still has an rng help because mine might face plant against a wall and yours attack me. To me for true pvp, followers need to be removed if auto target is as well.