PVP'ers, tell me about target lock!

They could gladly remove followers. But they wont. And followers influence in fights are not that big. I rather see people learn how to PVP than rely on mechanics that in other genres is counted as cheating. Becuase like I said, there is a few weapons you need to have a good aim with. 2h-Hammer, 2h-sword for example you just need to kinda have your camera directed to them, not even that in some situations.

No autolock is lazyness. A player that been training and spend alot of hours getting good with aim and such should never be owned by a noobie that is using an builded in auto aim mechanic.

But they don’t get owned by noobs. All the lock does is maybe increase the chances the noob will get a hit in before they die. It’s not like it’s an instant win button.

Sometimes it happens for sure. Since most noobs use daggers. And dagger spam with lock on is common. You pretty much if in wrong situation

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