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Got this game for free on PS+ and thought I will give it a try as I like survival games in general. Seems to be fun so far even if I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time. :slight_smile:

Hence my question - is there an actual purpose in this game other than exploring, leveling up and building a base? At the moment I’m playing solo offline to learn the ropes, as I understand there are purges where NPC’s are trying to destroy your base.

I guess what I’m asking is how I should be playing this game - build simple base, level up a little, go to next tier zone, build stronger base and so on?

Thanks in advance!

Well, at the beginning of the game you’re exiled, and you cannot leave Exiled Lands because you wear a magical bracelet, if you remove it you die, if you try to pass the magical walls surroundings the lands with the bracelet the magic will kill you.

You can search all the artifacts needed to make the magical key to remove safely your bracelets and end the game by escaping from exiled lands or transform the exiled lands into YOUR lands.

The choice is your. Obviously in any case leveling, building one or more bases near to resources etc. are required (and they are the core of the game ) :wink:

Of course in multiplayer the type of game you play (pve, pve-c or pvp) is determinant, pvp it’s a real war for dominance, pve-c is more politics between players and buildings etc.

Personally I found the purpose of escaping something you have to do when you play solo, or pve maybe, if you play in multiplayer pve-c or pvp it’s meaningless escaping, it’s a “war” to dominate… even if you’ll achieve this without killing anyone (or very few) using politics and alliances.


You can collect all the artifacts, make one Super-Artifact from them and then be free and leave the Exiles Land. This will just delete your character with some “final-scene” leaving all your buildings and all in the world. As for me it is not worth doing. I’ll better build castles and palaces all around the map and decorate them with those artifacts :wink:

Spoiler if u beat the game and remove ur bracelet u lose everything u beating it means ur chapter is deleted an all ur stuff lost just a heads up so u can skip my ah duck surprise lol

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