Question about levelling thralls

I remember hearing in the past that if you level a thrall too quickly (such that they go up multiple levels at once), they won’t get the additional points in their stats for that level. For an extreme example, let’s say they kill a hypothetical boss at level 0 and get enough experience to be level 20, would they have gotten points for every level until 20?

I get that they won’t get the additional +14% chance from the food I’m feeding them, but would they still get points for every level?

To the best of my knowledge they still get additional points for each level - if they ‘win’ the ‘dice roll’ (eg - 75% growth chance in Str, they’ll still have a 75% chance of getting a point for each level they go up). It’s the added 14% growth chance (as you mentioned) that is the bit they don’t get if they level multiple levls in one go. And there are plenty of people who consider the difference between with the bonus growth chance vs without it to be close enough to not be important. You might lose a couple of points over the 20 levels that you could otherwise have got, but a couple of points in a stat aren’t worth much.


At the end of the day it’s rng.
For quite some time the commander at al‘merayah gave so much experience that we could instantly level our followers to lvl 20.

@Wak4863 made some videos about this:

I also recommend this thread for very detailed information about followers:

However, i prefer to level them “slowly”.

I completely fill the inventory of my followers with the food that increases the growth chance in the desired skill. (Simply because i‘m too lazy to check their xp-bar and food in their inventory all the time)
Then I start fighting enemies which are strong enough to deal damage to them (to make sure they eat their food), but not strong enough to kill them.
Wolves, bears, tigers, rhinos and stuff like that.

Depending on their gear i start fighting world bosses with them when they reached lvl 5 to 6.

If their gear is crab it’s better to wait until they reached a higher level, 10 or more.

But it’s still a lot of rng involved. :man_shrugging:

In the current state, most followers are useless anyway, especially given the fact that they take fall damage now! :person_facepalming:


I should have thought of Xevyr’s Guide - good call :slight_smile: (actually, I probably should have remembered Wak’s videos as well - I’m sure I’ve seen them). Definitely good places to get some more thorough info.

I did a test a couple of years back where i admin levelled a couple of hundred thralls - mostly I was looking at the perks, but from what I remember the stats came out pretty much as I would expect them.

That said:

I’m the same - I don’t believe it confers any really meaningful advantage, but I just prefer to do it that way. I’m not that interested in purges, so followers tend to be more ‘adventuring companions’ and they level up along the way. I often carry a light piece of vit armor (eg gloves), so I can trigger thralls to eat after they level. But again, this isn’t really necessary, just the way I like to do it.

Yup :frowning: That’s the main reason my current playthrough (going very slowly) is currently set to be just me and two camels. Still, at least it means I won’t need to put points into Authority… (It’s also one of the reasons I’m mostly playing Jedi:Fallen Order instead of CE right now…)

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By the way, they may not get an additional increased chance from food even if you level them up slowly. It is not always the case that food from a thrall’s inventory is eaten by them; as a rule, this is guaranteed to happen when they receive damage. So I not only pump them up from level to level, but also make sure they eat food before the next level. If necessary, I even shoot them with a bow (I have pvp enabled)


This is why I mentioned that I generally carry a light piece of vitality armor - if they don’t eat after levelling, I can just equip it, and click the food stack out of their inventory and then back in - works even without pvp enabled. Either solution works, but it’s definitely something to be aware of.


Used to be shroom amanitas and puffballs worked to reduce thrall HP enough to force them to eat, i think it may have stopped working though.


In most cases, simply dragging food from one position to another in the thrall’s inventory helps. But it’s easier to shoot with a bow, especially if you level several thralls at once.

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Okay thanks for all the responses guys, so for stuff like dancers I’ll just rush level them to get more hp instead of slow levelling like my good fighters :+1:


You can force them to eat the food by opening their backpack placing the food on them and then hitting x like you’re going to eat it right out of their backpack it’ll force them to eat it themselves you can also do this with potions

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While this is true, they don’t receive the bonus unless they’ve also taken damage.