Question about scen mobs

In SP scens, you face mobs coming in 3 forms:

  • 1 solo mob with high HPs
  • 2 mobs with moderate HPs
  • group of 4 mobs with small HPs

I’ve noticed when it comes to groups of 2 mobs, and one of them is replaced by a filth type mob, it happens that this filthy mob sometimes gets high HP bar instead of moderate one, which is quite inconstant.
Is this normal intended behaviour ? Or just another “undocumented feature” ?

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Sounds normal though what is ‘normal’ here. Features and bugs spray content, so we just … live with it…happy playing =)

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Illustrated version
Here, a duo of draugrs got replaced by filth mobs.
Expected: 2 filth mobs with 87k hp
Result: 1 filth mob with 87k hp, and the other with 175k (which, at my current e scen level, is the amount of HP of a single mob)

So, intended or buggy ?

(I’m starting to feel many algorithms in game got poor code quality, like the reticle targeting who need glasses, the mob pathfinding algorithm.)

Edit: fun thing I noticed, when an enhanced hostile spawns with that extra-HP filth mob, the filth mob gets more HP than enhanced guy. #Logic


This is not intended if I recall correctly but never really became a high priority item to fix either. Basically consider it as an additional mechanic or challenge. But good catch!


Indeed, that’s just another low priority fix (which in FC language seems to mean “won’t fix”), but when you do the sum of all the low priority fixes that aren’t being looked into, the list gets quite important.
Sure, it’s just a lack of polish on the game, since it doesn’t stop one from playing. But imo, this unfinished taste is what prevent many FC games to get the success they deserve :confused: (Same goes for the Elder Scrolls solo games, but at least modders can ‘fix’ bugs with the TES sdk)


And what had to happen happened.
Just out of a scen, a group of 2 hellbeasts got replaced by 2 filth mobs, and both had max HP instead of half (at my e level, ~175k hp instead of ~87k)

Working as intended ?