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This so called game is so corrupted that on top of the spawn issues with the game not recognizing beds or bed rolls, or saving or being able to copy your character or dealing with multiple invisible enemies or having your best fighters change sexes or having any kind of enjoyable time with your game, my character now has spent 344 points and knows nothing! You did not deliver a HOT FIX you delivered a game VIRUS. Quality Assurance. This Game lists 30 people in Q A. I have a question for them; what is it you actually do at No-Fun Com? Just sign off on garbage. Or is this management? So why would I buy DUNE? Answer I’m not. I did buy an outfit w/emote at your Bazar, but I won’t be buying anything else because you don’t even own it. You go offline the product disappears. I’m only renting it! Way to WEF people. (World Economic Forum) “You will own nothing and be happy.” Are you trying to drive offline players to play online? I don’t know…I’m asking for a friend. Great way to destroy your FAN base. Job Accomplished. I’ve read Conan since I was a kid going back oh about 50 years. Conan is and will all ways be great fiction. Your game…not so much.


That is about the time I read my Dad’s stash of Conan Tolkien and other books. Never read the Comics/Graphic Novels. This Game needs stability improvements don’t care about new content just making what we have function across all Formats. @1984


Hello sestus2009,
you are right that the game needs some stability improvements :slightly_smiling_face:
But i don’t see any further progress for me here, that this game will
be brought back into a playable state for the playstation.
Of course I could be wrong, but for me it’s not fun to play anymore
at the moment.


I understand. Been playing since day one. We are going to keep at it. My wife and I. Can retreat to our server if need be and stay off of official servers.


So, once again, folks are screaming at the cashier because Corporate raised the price of beans.

The lowest level you can go for complaining is the game producer, who gets their marching orders from a mid level of management, who is directed by more management, until you hit the C suite.

Berating the Devs and QA is misapplied anger.

Are their significant issues with this game and have some poor decisions been made? Absolutely. Devs and QA are implementers, not deciders. If Devs are instructed to do ABC, that’s what they do. If QA is given tasks and time limits, that’s what they do. Neither make their own schedule or decide their own workload.

Funcom’s testing “strategy” is the Beta release for each version. It depends on payers to find and report bugs, once basic, “will the game compile, install, and boot” testing is done. As someone who has submitted a shit ton of Beta bug reports, I speculate they go into two (2) categories:

  1. Oh shit, this prevents the game from running - fix now

  2. Look, we reintroduced the climbing bug for the 183,236th time, put it on the backlog.

These decisions are made at the producer level. Direct your bile there.


The consoles don’t get a beta.
More over the PC beta servers are a joke. It’s simply a crash test, they toss the build on the beta server, a few; very few, player jump on and if the servers don’t crash it’s good. Bug and exploits reported might get a hot fix in a few weeks, or not at all.

As far as I can tell this game has no QA. With the crap that gets dropped on us I have to ask what are their standard. If the game runs on their rig it’s good?

And you better believe I cuss everyone from the CEO to the office intern getting coffee every time I push off a ledge instead of pull up.

The difference is the CEO can do something, cussing them can produce results. Cussing the intern is just abuse.

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Oh you do not want to see me rage. But I honestly don’t think anyone at funcom still runs the game.

Thing is I’ve been playing games for a while. What I see here is nothing new to a certain trying to own the world of gaming company that sounds like a dime.

One of the first MMOs I played was the #1 racing game at the time. A certain company bought them out, turned a soft sim racer in to some goofy arcade car wars game and… Ever heard of Project torque? Ya. I’ve played quite a few games either owned by or bought out while I was playing. I’m well acquainted with this company. They will milk this… nope turning in to a hate filled tirade.

You admitted you are not having fun and did not render it professionally. Someone will read it, but the rules say you should drop it and go if it doesn’t work your happiness for you.

I think it is Funcom’s merge procedures that bring back the bugs.

I have been disappointed for years at the condition of the game after Updates are released.

It is also annoying to see effort put into some elements of the game while long-standing bugs and performance issues are left to persist.

It is quite confusing to me that after all this time the Company has not developed a method in house for releasing updates that have fewer bugs and issues. The reintroduction of previously corrected issues is particularly frustrating.

notices PS4 tag

You don’t have to worry about that :stuck_out_tongue: They’re most likely not going to release Dune on a decade old dead platform.

Jokes aside though the game is running pretty bad even on a PS5 so yea, they should probably try to do something about that at least…


I’m not getting that on my system. I see the complaints but the only thing I see at issue currently is the invisible NPCs/pets that is my main personal observation. Occasionally I will get booted on a server that is overbuilt but I chalk that up to the crap on the server more than the state of the game.


Yea, I’m pretty sure too the servers contribute a lot in the case of the PS5 bug reports


Note to self: talking about anger is, apparently, on topic.

Not caring about someone getting angry at a game is verboten.

Just go edit it and put a dot at the end or something, then it’ll be unhidden :rofl:

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I chose another path. I put the culprit on my ignore list so that I never need interact with them again.

My error was in not doing so sooner. At 62, my days of catering to wounded egos is long passed.

But, the advice is appreciated.


Little does he know one person can’t hide a post. So it would be culprits, so some one needs to find the other 3 people that flagged his post to get it hidden.

At 63 I know what an off topic post is, like the last 5 posts have been.

I can’t speak for others, but I’m not getting those issues on my system either. I play on official PVE servers, not Single Player though. Server is very busy, new bases popping up all over.

I’ve had a few invisible White Dragons at the end of the Cimmerian Beast Tamers Purge, but no invisible pets anymore for the past few months. It sucks not seeing the Dragons, but the skulls and health bar are there. Maybe I’m more forgiving than others, but for months the Lost Connection issue made Purges impossible, so one invisible NPC isn’t a huge deal for me.

It sounds like the OP plays in single player mode, so I’m not familiar with the issues they encounter.

There a lot of invisible animals at the moment in online as in offline on PS. The shaleback miniboss at the river bank and all of the elephants on exiled lands. Not sure about the camel, on Siptah it’s invisible as are the hyenas or aardwolves or whatever they are. Also tuskbeasts and some minibosses can’t be seen. There are a few others but can’t remember until running into them while playing.

It must be certain servers, I still see the Shaleback miniboss and I can still see all the Elephants in the Savannah and all of the Mammoths in the North. I don’t play Siptah so I have no clue about that. Before the update I had some issues seeing Elephants in the Savannah (mainly Thunderfoot), but not for the past month or so since the update :slight_smile:

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