Question of the Week: Ya'll got any of them quirks?

This week we’re asking you: Do you do anything quirky in game that others may not do as frequently? Maybe you always leave the door open or maybe you always make walls three heights tall. Maybe you give certain types of thralls particular armor with particular dyes or arrange furniture so it doesn’t mess with the feng shui. Or maybe you were born and never developed a quirk.

Personally, I always have to log out in my character’s bedroom. It’s weird, but I like to think while I’m gone they can stay comfy.

Let’s hear 'em!


same, always log out in my bedroom, resting on my bed.

I always build 2 heights tall per floor, also , i always think on how defensible my base is, if this was more accurate to reallity, even if i play on a pve server. i don’t mess at all with decoration, just some basic furniture, and i make rooms, for all my thralls, because i play alone.

I also play RP with my own, i talk to my friends (thralls), because i don’t see them thralls, but as clanmates, even if i had to convince them by killing their friends and knocked them out with a truncheon, to place them in a wheel of pain after that…

I avoid using legendary items, my thralls will use the same armors and weapons, and some elite thralls will have a different dye in their amors.


Similarly, I always log out on the same fur rug.

When I played on a server where we kept our stuff on death, I’d just bought the Jewel of the West pack at the time, and made a point of always keeping 2 gold coins on me to give to the ferryman. Of course, they were always safe, but I figured it’s the thought that counts.

Edit: Also, I’ve said it before, but I really like going around the map and seeing which bases have been worn away through time leaving only a memory, new ones that have sprung up, and the changes to established bases. It’s both saddening and exciting.


Hmm. Friends tease me for stopping whatever we are doing, to watch the sunrise. I will only build where I think the view is amazing and I can see sunrise. I always log out in my bedroom if I can. As soon as I can make one, I always put a gong by the front door. I always have a pet croc named Crikey. I drive my clan mate crazy playing hide and seek in our base. He’s really good at hiding. I was standing on him one time and didn’t see him!


Like others, I almost always log out in my bedroom, if my current base has one.

Unless I’m playing somewhere I can’t use mods I never start a new exile with any makeup, instead waiting until I can unlock Emberlight’s vanity feat before I’ll pretty myself up.

I have a particular order in which I always put the items in my hotbar:

  1. Water skin, since it’s the first thing I get starting out.
  2. Pick
  3. Hatchet
  4. Main melee weapon (usually daggers)
  5. Bow
  6. Free slot, usually a shield, skinning knife, cleaver, or sickle depending on what I’m doing
  7. See above
  8. Food

And finally, as anyone who’s seen screenshots of my builds has probably noticed by now, I usually tend to make all my houses variations on the same general pagoda theme:

I just think it’s a nice design.


This is not something I always do, but I do it when the circumstances allow.

I have a tall tower in the middle of my base with an open-air 360° view of all the surroundings. When I’m at home and I notice the sandstorm signs, I hurry up to the top of the tower, equip a mask and watch the sandstorm roll in. It’s a really spectacular sight and makes me appreciate the art of Conan Exiles all over again.


OCD… thou I’ve beaten it mostly now.

I restart when I die… nothing like hardcore mode, It bugs me knowing I died.

I like to dress up my house, carpets… mug near bed on shelf, There certain small set ups, I do for every home, Brazier with chair near by with stool and notebook on it.
Most of my homes use fence piece for a few walls, so I have better window.

I repeat this design in almost ever home… Habit, or Just Ocd.
Even if its small hut that has limited use… lol

Almost always name my greater wolf Sasha… despite never owning a dog named that, LOL

I enjoy restarting mostly… but I get to a point were I feel like I never get anywhere… so I slowly stop playing. Thou I tend to keep two characters, 1 for 100% 1 for just playing.


When I hunt for cubs, I say “here, kitty kitty” to my tv…


What I thought were my own quirks are now revealed to be behaviors shared by others.

I like this thread! Makes me feel “not-as-weird”.


That’s silly and I have definitely not ever said out loud “It’s a kitty!” in the voice I use to talk to my cat upon seeing a cub in this game.

Nope. Never. Shut up.


When I have a waterskin, I’ll spam the use key and drink from it over and over while I refill it, even though I’ve clearly hydrated my character.

There used to be a bug where your character would moan whenever you drank water, I think it’s a habit that carried over from being so amused by it.


The stuff in my inventory needs to be in a particular order, I can’t go on adventuring if there is a mess in it. Arrows come first, then armor and weapon repair kits, second row is for tools that are not in my hotbar such as truncheon, pickaxe, skinning knife and so on. Third row is for two backup waterskins as well as backup food and healing wraps.
It NEEDS to be in that order. Having uneven amounts or items can make me sit there for several minutes trying to figure out an order that makes it fit :smile:
The same goes for my hotbar as well, 1 is for the sword, 2 for the shield, 3 for the bow, 4 and 5 for arrows to swap to. 6 is free for any tool. 7 is for food, 8 for the main water skin. No other order is possible, having a messy hotbar is pure horror for me.

I am not sure why I am like this though I think this behavior comes from Age of Conan where I need to have a particular order of the many spells in my hotbar, if they are not in the right order I can’t play my characters, same goes for the inventory where I store all my armor parts that I often switch around for different situations and vanity.


Due to the dregs arrow puzzle, I ALWAYS fly an arrow at that symbol in other dungeons just in case. Someday one of em will decide to open something…


Regarding logging out of game, I don’t always logout in my room but I do make it a point to log out somewhere in my main base/home 'cause I hear what Spynosaur_Nicole said. I like to think my character is in the safety and comfort of their own home. :grin:

When I first played this game I made my first sandstone home one wall high. Due to that height the camera gets shoved up to the ceiling. Since then i’ve always built each floor of my bases 2 walls high. Feels more comfortable and allows more room to move the camrea to view things as I like to.


I use Emberlight mod, so I dress ALL my crafter Thralls in some uniform. Now all of them wear clothes from Derketo DLC - those for inn keepers with light shoes, hand and head pieces from Khitan DLC. Smelters and Blacksmiths have to wear aprons and gloves of course. Pls Funcom give us some better aprons and gloves! I do not like those hand-me-downs which I can only craft now. There are better models ingame but there is no way to get them.
This is my old game. Crafters wearing uniform look way better than vanilla ones.


Apparently you can craft the aprons and workgloves with purge thralls, so there is a way to get them without the admin panel at least.

Not that it does me much good, considering I’d rather play with purges disabled.

Gardens, and greenery in general. I am an absolute sucker for all things plantable. As a result I often make gathering trips to New Asagarth - but not for mammoth hides, thralls or any of the usual stuff. It’s all about hops seeds!


I do have my hotbar in a special order, if you want to call it a quirk (I myself find it a rather logical way to put things in order :wink:)

  1. Shield
  2. Axe
  3. Bow
  4. Some other weapon, at the moment a spear for mounted combat
  5. Pickaxe
  6. Truncheon (subject to change to skinning knife or sickle, depends on what I am out to farm…)
  7. Waterskin (subject to change to another tool, depends on the availability of water in the environment)
  8. Food

I have the weapons in the first four slots because these are easier to reach with one finger without taking the other fingers away from the W-, A- and D-Keys. Thus I can draw or put away weapons while moving. Tools and nourishment are to be used when there are no enemies around and thus can be elsewhere on the hotbar.

Real quirks: I give each crafter thrall a home for RP-reasons…


I only run with female berserkers lol.

I make my character look as much like me as possible, but he needs bigger muscles hahaha!

I miss when we could log out doing dances, I used to always log out doing the belly dance with my big boobied entertainer babes !

Other than that I’m pretty normal…


I hate to be the Sherpa of bad news but… :boom: :cloud: :tornado: :roll_of_toilet_paper: … the Felon Mover gave up its last plank on Saturday.

My tradition is simple: every server, every time I get the climbing gear, I must first have the dancer outfit, and bellydance emote. Then I make that lonely mountain guy sit through 5 minutes of very uncomfortable too-close dudebro gyrations.