Question of the Week: Ya'll got any of them quirks?

Only one model of apron and work gloves, the worst of them. Nordheimer Blacksmiths wear much better gloves which are not craftable nor lootable. I can leave their gloves when I dress my crafters but I can’t give such gloves to all my other Blacksmiths and Smelters from other factions.

That reminds me: PvP Tradition. If you’re building or repairing during non-Raid hours on a PvP server, it is customary to wear the apron, (gloves optional) and no pants. It’s like a sartorial statement of intent.


Damn that is BEAUTIFUL!!
Also, putting things in your hotbar in a certain order is totally something I do and never thought gave a second thought about! Yours is about the same that I do but free slot is always 8 and main melee weapon is 2.

@DelRioServerMaster Same!!! It’s so interesting reading everyone’s habits. One thing I realize a lot of people do without realizing, is when you run (mounted or not) and you come to a hill or little edge, you jump at the apex. It’s something I have to do.

@Force I wish I was more like this! I like to think I’m organized until I need something and look in EVERY container and inventory slot, wondering were the hell I put it.

@Mikey YES!! If it were up to me on deciding what to put in the game next for my own selfish reasons, I’d choose more flowers and trees. :smiley:

@zerog I’m so happy you got my reference ;D


My radial is pretty much same everytime. Bow in top left, arrows in right, melee in SE, food in south. Sw is pickaxe, west is axe, NE is the only one i switch about, lol. Top is knife or cleaver etc. XD

I’ve always used the same config of items on my hotbar.
If I’m scouting I always carry a pink dyied amor to equip someone that I’ll probably found sleeping outside their base, so they can be fabulous when they wake up.


Always jumping into the water. OK Habit.

Jumping while going over a cliff. Bad habit.

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I have (quite) a few quirks…

  • I never use male dancers, only female no matter if I am playing as male or female.

  • I always log out naked on top of my bed(always place one in every base or outpost)

  • I also make a toilet with candle, scrolls(+ a note on the wall to write something on) and an iron pot as toilet, sometimes I drop the pants and crouch over it(If real me gotta go, my character also gotta go)

  • Almost always close doors behind me even though they auto close after some time

  • Always put a night stand next to the bed with at least a candle and a mug on it, also I put pillows in the bed

  • I can’t help it, I almost always take any type of alcohol from loot even though it’s very heavy, and sometimes I pretend to have a party and drink a lot of it (really wish we could have food plates as placeables)

I could go on, but these are some of my quirks, basically I usually get to a point where I treat the game more like a doll house and project many real life things to the game… Perhaps I have played “The Sims” games to much :crazy_face:


This is true RPG… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I thought the same thing, but sometimes we overlook the obvious.
I think Nordheimer blacksmiths are wearing these gloves.

Oh I guess I should answer the question.

I do the hotbar order thing, waterskin is always 7, bow is always 5 etc, that way I switch weapons by reflex.

I try to keep my items tidy but I always end up with an unsorted mess.

And I have a log out ritual, setting traps, double securing entry points, stowing gear and then putting the character to bed au natural, and logging out.

And I used to not bother with anything less than a T3 thrall, but lately I’ve recruited a few T2’s

I almost always log off from the roof of my keep, overlooking my lands while doing a dance.

When building i always build trapdoors behind the back of doors to double up door systems. Current base has 86 doors and 40 trap doors which i can open to increase base defence.

Works well at the top of elevators, door, trap door, door. These ones are permenantly open unless being crossed, the inside of thesw are anti climbed so you cant cross them after blowing the first door with arrows and u have nowhere to place bombs.

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There’s another thing I like to do that involves the same tower I mentioned before. Since the top of the tower is where I keep my map room, I love to stand on the edge facing the map and then press the interact button and the dodge roll button in quick succession.

As a result, my character rolls off the tower, screaming and flailing on his way down and teleporting out before he hits the ground – with an audible splat-crunch during the loading screen – and arrives safely at the destination obelisk.

Of course, it’s even funnier when I fumble the buttons… :laughing:


Aside from removing and storing all my gear and armor before I climb into bed, I do run around naked and dress only in armor I find on dead NPCs. I will put it on, no matter what it is, and wear it until it breaks. I only pick up what I don’t have, so if the dead has two gauntlets, I get one.

Usually, I end up with quite the ensemble by the time I get back home. I have at times finished up having worn multiple chest pieces, boots, and helmets, but no pants.

It’s just a way to keep some interest and do something different.


I have the bad habbit to use a specific order for my 1st row in inventory… i always have a stack of purified water (as i hate waterskins), glowing goop,bones,a repair kit stack and sandstorm mask (even when i roam in frozen areas xd)…

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steven oh you

I’ll do this sometimes too, but I make it a goal to get a complete matching set of a certain type of armor.


I hopped on to check and yeah, the one I saw was just wearing regular old medium armor gloves and boots.

They look like they might be darker than usual, but I feel like some dye would fix that.


I’ll check this ingame, thank you. It looks like fingers are dyed the same color as the rest parts of gloves.

Hello everyone! I always do that too, but mainly because some pvp players already found me unconscious and killed me , and my pet! And stole everything!

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If I’m placing a maproom, the position of the volcano absolutely must align with the volcano in the world.
I’ve demolished entire sections of established bases to make sure I have a good enough view to line it up properly.


My quirk is… candles. When looting enemies or chests, I tend to leave junk items unlooted, but I always, always pick up candles. Then I place them in my bases on various surfaces. The marketplace in New Sanctuary, the town I built in my Solo play, has a candle seller’s stall with dozens of candles on his table. Most apartments have a few candles on the tables or shelves. My Temple of Mitra has every flat horizontal surface covered in candles.

The fun thing is, I don’t make my own candles. I’ve never unlocked the recipe. The world is my chandler.