Quick access inventory issue

When Quick access is full, objects appear to pick up but bug because they have nowhere to go.
This has caused issues for me in several areas.
Quests like the binding, which is required for an achievement to open the peculiar box, cannot continue because i can no longer pick up the spear in step 4.
Scenarios will no longer allow me to pick up the turret from supply drops.
Quests like texts in Kaidan will not allow me to continue and is basically broken and not doable.
I have tried the fix of removing the files from the rdb folder and rebuilding the database that way to no avail.
We should have some way to clear out the quick access “leftover” ghost copies of things we don’t have in inventory so we can actually pick them up again.

While your “quick access inventory” can “fill up” (not really, it just means that the the hotkeyed slots are used up), any mission items should still go into the “Mission Items” bag in your inventory. You can manually remove items from the shift+1, shift+2 and shift+3 slots and can drag other items into those slots. You can also use mission items directly from the “Mission Items” bag.

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Thank you for your assistance. Removing items from my mission bag allowed me to continue and pick up the spear in the binding tier 4. that was a big issue.
I have not yet tried the quest “texts” in Kaidan or the turret in scenarios to see if they have changed. but the phone from that quest was not selectable last time i tried. i will update when tested.

There are still issues with certain quests/scenarios where i cannot pick up something that i had attempted to pick up while quick access inventory and mission bags were full.

I would prefer to reset the quest as the 1st phone in Kaidan is not allowing me to select as i moved to step 2 of that quest and can select that phone.

Scenarios will still not allow me to pick up a turret as it states i can only have 1 in inventory. I have no turret.

Check your bank. It counts as inventory, too.