Quite a "few" ideas for the game

What I can say is the modders show us that everything can work, but here’s some things:
1 - poison and bleeding damage reduce can work but its need to test
2 - runes - it better to make it just for decoratoins like fire, ice etc. effect on weapon
3 - adding missing parts like drawbridges, tools, containers, etc. in every DLC would be good, because every DLC have a lot of missing parts
4 - Thrall upgrade from tier 3 to tier 4 can work, but its need to test
5 - Cloaks and capes - YES PLEASE
6 - dual weapons - I dont actually think we need to make all weapons dual, we already have dual swords and dual axes from Unnamed city (maybe they should add some dual maces lol) so I just hope with 3.0 illusion system we could change their appearance (like replace those Whirlwind models with Ghast Sword lol)
7 - Unique models for every legendary weapons - YES PLEASE
8 - New weapons like Glaive, crossbow and bola - It would be nice. And also it would be nice to equip spear (or javelin) with shield. And ofcourse see more new weapons like hallberds, maybe rapiers, battle flails, maybe tonfa, kusarigama, and my favorite, Cestus. And with Cestus I really wish they would rework unarmed combat and make it more effective so you can punch enemies to death.
10 - all items are placable - YES PLEASE
11 - new hairs and beards - I hope they fix that when a character wears a helmet the helmet hides his big beard and long hair, i mean i would really like my long hair to be visible from under the helmet


it sounds logical

Yeah, would be nice to see option that can make your char left-handen (because I’m left-handed xD), and also would be nice if I can dress my skeletons in some cool armor xD
Also I agreed about Derketo priest, it’s really hard to find this hecker
Cool ideas btw


Heck yeah, wanna play as Kung-fu master xD

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We will wait for returning this stuffs :slight_smile:

Well this mechanic could work good in game :slight_smile:

Agreed, more weapons would be nice, also thanks for answer :slight_smile:

I trying to find this priest by two weeks and I can’t, that random…

There are several suggestions here that I like, but frankly it’s too much to go into. There’s one thing I wanted to point out, though, so I’ll focus on that.

I think you misunderstood the idea of factions, @GrayRainbow. In Conan Exiles, factions are not races, but groups of people organized around some common belief or purpose. Many factions incorporate a wide variety of races.

There are 4 factions in Exiled Lands that are almost homogeneous: the Darfari Cannibals (mostly Darfari), the Lemurians (mostly Lemurian), the Heirs of the North (mostly Nordhemier), and the Forgotten Tribe (mostly Cimmerian). Even in those factions, you will often find a bearer or a dancer from another race.

The remaining factions – the Exiles, the Black Hand, the Dogs of the Desert, the Relic Hunters, and the Votaries of Skelos – are racially heterogeneous.

I wouldn’t mind adding the races you mentioned to the Exiled Lands. I would also love seeing some new factions. But those two concepts are distinct.


Maybe we could wait for some new factions, based on religions etc, like “Zath guys” , “Sobek dudes” and so on xD


As a guy who collect all legendary weapons, I’m absolutely in love with idea to make all legendary looks different and unique


Yeah I understand what you talking about, my bad sorry
Also thanks for answer


Also it would have sence for delving bench where 50% of loot have same look

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I enjoy your ideas :bulb: could definitely go for them


Thank you :slight_smile:
Hope we will se at least one or two of them :slight_smile:

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how I would like a special event to encourage people to trade between users every now and then. I have so many duplicate things or would like to sell


The best idea’s mentioned in my opinion are:

  • The arrow resupply chest.
  • Different draw bridges, even better if you can place a thrall which is the operator so you can command them to open the bridge.
  • Mannequins, always loved that idea, even better if you pres F and switch to the full set with the other set stored on it.
  • Traders even when offline, something like the game Atlas does maybe.
  • More weathers, wish they affect survivability too, but not only storm but intense heat to that might affect plants growth as well.

These are the best in my opinion but the rest is also nice to have, just wanted to highlist these with extra info.

The inventory changes, stack sizes and weight reduction seems more like a cheat to me, I don’t think this should be changed that much.


When I see this I think about the poor dev PCs that need to load all these additional map parts and assets.

64GB RAM will be mandatory to load this map in the Unreal Editor :smiley: And load times that will blow your mind

Yeah… mods that do use all those areas are fun and all, but boy do you notice a performance hit. It would in fact make ps and xbox literally unplayable™.