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This guide cuts off just before her (Raidfinder - Tips & Tactics) and no one is willing to give the strat in /raid (because I’m the only new player i guess?). Does anyone have a link that explains things?


Saddur - hug, tank and spank (not sure if the rf version casts the ruin, if he does then healers use Steadfast faith to remove it)

Strom - hug, avoid melee hits when he is in Defense Stance and stop hitting even with spells for a while when he switches stances.

Mithrelle - use Unbiding charm on rooted people (if you are a mage). When she casts Ice Storm run around in circle to stay behind her otherwise the hit can oneshot you. You can survive with a bubble but use that only if you end up without unroot by the lazy mages :smiley:

Lu-Zhi - Casts Generosity of Yun which you need to interrupt by knocking her back. Usually one spellweaving pom is enough, but others with kb abilities should help too.
Rogue needs to remove charm effect using Finely Honed on that charmed player. Spell that charms is called Dream of Yun.
Rogue needs to remove heal effect from boss with Tainted Weapons when she cast Watchful Eye of Yun

Entity aka the lazer-casting alien baby:
The rf version of the adds is just tank and spank. Three waves of them spawning from fixed places, 2 at the bottom and one at the middle “floor” ^^

Second part

  • boss breaks out from its thingy
  • three platforms on lowest level need to be occupied by three persons in each platform.
  • Bombardment hits all three platforms with heavy fire damage, if you can’t survive it step out while it hits.
  • healers keep big heals and AA heals for Bombardment
  • boss casts spell Acquiring Targets which targets two random persons on lower platform and those two need to start running right away and keep running until particle effect disappears
  • those two persons who got Acquiring Target will get a Photon Beam following them, hence the running. this photon beam is a green circle on the floor and it will oneshot everyone who comes in contact with it
  • timer for Acquiring Target is… when you start the fight first “Acquiring Targets” is cast after 20sec, then after that every 55sec

Upper Platforms

  • platform on right and left side
  • on both will be a mob called Projection
  • mob will cast some plasma spell 10-11 times before casting Bombardment, when this happens step away from the mob to survive. its an aoe spell all over the upper platform. other option is to stay and time heals and protections so you survive Bombardment
  • when mob is dead some of the green crystal formations start to glow red and can be clicked to receive a damage buff, only one can take it at a time so need to rotate.
  • you should be able to kill the Projection in 60sec or less, otherwise it will heal and get small buff

(some of these might not be happening in rf, but better more information than less ^^)

When boss is at 50%
Boss will start using a spell called Commanding Death. This spell spawns two vortex things on the middle level (one each side) and they start moving toward closest person they can find. Vortex will oneshot everyone who gets in contact with it and it will also move toward the lower platforms and, if it reaches a platform, it will heal the boss 5%.
You can kite this vortex until it dies OR you can use a tos to kill it. These toses need to have Serpent Transmutation(bubble), Power of the Serpent Ring(100% immunity) and Storm Blood(electrical absorb bubble) feated. (Usually 2 bubbles are enough for rf) A pom or conq can help for the 2nd Commanding, if the tos has only 1 bubble feated.
When you see boss cast Commanding Death its time to move to middle level and be ready for the vortex, when you see it time your selected spell and step into the vortex. It disappears and you can return to your previous task.
Commanding Death happens every 60sec.



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First you fight 3 groups of 3 adds spawning trought 1) lower right door 2) lower left door 3) upper left door.
Xenomaster can silence, Vivifier’s holy attack (holy radiance) and Apotheosis front attacks are the most dangerous, but in raid finder they shouldn’t put a significative challenge.
Each group of adds spawn timed (2 minutes) except the first one triggered going to the border of the lower right platform.

Entity encounter will start after all adds are down. In T4 Entity starts timed too, but in raid finder only when 3 people step on each lower platform.


  1. at least 3 ppl on each lower platform all time to lower down Entity’s deflective shield (Entity will take very little damage with the shield up) and a small group on upper platform(s) to kill projection. You can have just a 6-man melee group on projections moving between the 2 platforms each time a a projection is killed.
  2. ranged classes/weapons on lower platforms and melee on upper platforms cause Entity can be hit only ranged. If available a typical distribution have 2 tos one for right lower and one for left lower platform, 1 necro for lower, 1 pom in central lower and the rest distribuited as told.

In raid finder the only thing you need to pay attention are:

  1. keeping enough people (3) on each lower platform to lower the shield
  2. if you are targeted by “acquire target” spell (2 random ppl on lower platforms) you need to run away (in the direction of the lateral stairs if you are in right or left lower platform, central stair if in central platform, 2 different stairs if 2 people in the same platforms are targeted) and kite the green beam away for 15 seconds (typically you run on the stairs and then jump from the first floor to come back on the lower section. If you manage the time decently you will come back to the platform quickly but the beam will expire before to reach you)
  3. survive on “bombardment”. It’s a fire aoe spell on platforms (hit harder on central lower) so … overheal, damage shield, necro (if there’s) cast Quell of Ether (enhancing fire protection), protection aa, protection gear, etch… The optimal would be your group in lower platform stay in position and continue to fight kept up by healers/gear. If you see the group can’t stay or you take too much damage, move away from the platform and come back (better to lose few seconds that wipe). The group on upper platform, instead, just step away from bombardments on projections. You can reduce bombardment frequency killing fast projections cause the projections, not Entity, cast bombardment on raid.
  4. dispel electrical vortexes (commanding death spell). Entity cast 2 vortexes (coming from first floor to lower right and left platforms) after 50% health. A tos (with a general 100% bubble or a 100% eletrical bubble casted just before to enter in the vortex) can dispel them. Even 100% pom/soldiers bubbles work too so it shouldn’t be really a problem. Vortexes must be dispelled before they reach the platforms cause it will kill ppl there and heal the boss.
  5. be smart. take a look to ppl around and group situation. Change position if a lower platform group lose too many toons

I knew it I shouldn’t write stuff on forum. There’s always someone else writing faster than me lol. :slight_smile:

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@Arvenia @Malediluna, awesome! Can I add your Entity guides to the raidfinder tips&tactics thread?

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of course, but I wrote on rush and english is not my mothertongue, so there could be mistakes and for sure a bad english…

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Hehe sure. Happy to help!

I got lazy at some point towards the end and just copy/pasted the info from our guild forum (with some edit here and there to adjust it to rf version) :laughing:


there was a time when you were not lazy? :thinking::open_mouth:


Oh c’mon…I thought it was a secret :smiley:

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