Re: agent drops

Regional’s are the bosses summoned after the regular lair bosses.
Regular lair bosses have a chance to drop a regional, usually something long winded like "essence of the many-limbed"
after regionals you get world bosses, which are summoned in agartha.
To get an agent from a Regional boss the chest has to be a blue, but it’s still only a chance.
i think thats it…


Thanks! I guess that’s why I didn’t know it, I hardly ever group.

So does soloing Solomin Island quests give you a chance to find an agent as well, or is that a diferent kind of chest :confused:

Action and Sabotage missions in Savage Coast and Blue mountain do…not in kingsmouth


The drop pattern surely looks streaky. Not counting the agent from the free agent booster, I got two from Transylvania and Kaidan missions on Saturday morning within one hour. Yesterday, I got another two, one from SC and one from SD, again both within one hour of playing time.

What irks me are the 80 scenarios without a drop. sigh

it won’t be gone really :stuck_out_tongue: First, I have 5 of them dead now. First one to revive in 5hrs so there is chance other will die until then :skull_and_crossbones:

Then… obviously… the best ones dies more often :slight_smile: So I still may have some to send but I can’t fulfill good missions if they appear while 5 good ones are dead :slight_smile:

T5 reward missions are hard. Random agent on level 50 with yellow item gets around 20% chance… meaning he CAN’T even run it :stuck_out_tongue: It seems you really need the specific one that fits the stats exactly. If that one is dead atm… you need to revive it :slight_smile:

So I think it will be “an issue” of some sort all the time.

(btw. if you sold your drop and bought booster packs for that money, you would have had 5-10 agents instead)


Damn, you’re super lucky! I’ve done over 90 action/sabotage missions, and 20 scenarios, with no drop whatsoever. The pack FC gave us for the Agartha bug is the only way I’ve received an agent so far, bringing me to a grand total of 2 agents.

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I agree with the rest of your post but this is a stretch.

RoseQuix has documented opening 400 boosters for our convenience and despite the relatively small sample size we can assume the chance to get an agent is no more than 20% and the chance to get one of the desirable “familiar face” agents is probably 1% or lower.

Unless someone lucked out with multiple agent drops on day one, the sell 3 and buy packs for 5-10 is a long shot. The “common” mission agents quickly moved down to the 150-200k price range (and are in the 120-150k range as I type). Selling 3 of those agents in the weekend would have bought you barely 25 packs and even if you recycled everything through HexCoins, that’s not enough to guarantee 5 unique agents. Alternatively, selling an actually rare agent to gamble away with packs would be extremely inadvisable since you’re most likely to find common mission agents in the boosters.

Maybe it worked out for you or someone you know, but it was way too risky past the initial rush of the first couple days. I wouldn’t want anyone to make that gamble at this point anyway.

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They didn’t count the one they found right away so it was in fact one agent in about 100 missions.

RoseQuix actually bought more than the initial 192. The chart has been updated for 400 packs. She just never updated that first sentence.

But yeah, I totally agree that it is not a good enough drop rate to warrant the risk of selling an agent drop to buy packs.

People are missing the point of the hex coins.

They’re meant to be consolation currency for the people spending $ on the agent booster gachas.

The low drop rates for the named NPC agents (Nassir etc) means that there’ll be people who spend $200 on the boosters & don’t get even a single one of these Epic agents. They can then use their 200 hex coins to buy an Epic agent from the vendor.

The hex coins are tied to the game’s monetization, so Funcom will never give away hex coins for free.


Which is funny, because other games like FFXIV give you the currency to save for your abysmal drop rates by completing things, such as dungeon bosses. So, you get them by playing the game. The BIG difference though, is FFXIV is subscription, where SWL is F2P, so I can understand the decision…why not provide hex coins after missions/scenarios/dungeons, alongside increased purchase rates for agents, while the bought packs can provide you the most hex coins overall. This way, everyone has more than one way to get coins, while providing incentive to still purchase the packs for those who want to do so.

I don’t know if it has been suggested, but adding agent files to caches isn’t such a bad idea to me.
I mean it would be another reason to open caches and it could be a good way to loot foil agent files, right ?

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Has anyone definitively determined what causes an agent to become incapacitated (i.e. Red Skull mode)? I have had agent become incapacitated after a successful mission and failed missions don’t necessarily result in the agent being incapacitated.

One trend I HAVE noticed is that it tends to happen more frequently when I send the agent on multiple short missions. If I send the agent on 3 of the 15 minute missions in a row, they usually turn up incapacitated after that third mission. I’m wondering if the number of missions per 8 hours is what triggers the agent to become incapacitated. I can see that as a “brake” on people constantly farming the short missions.

Yes, quite time ago. Agents have fatigue stat. Normally hidden in default UI, but it is sent to client. Every mission no matter anything rises it by like 10%. Then it is determined if he get incapacitated or not by that probability.

Fatigue lowers itself if the agent is waiting in roster doing nothing. By something like 5-10% per hour.

Once incapacitated and revived through MoFs or time, it gets reset back to 0.


As @Elenoe said, it is related to a hidden Fatigue stat that can be viewed with a mod. It does appear that each mission length on each Tier can have a different set value of Fatigue % that it adds to you. This may or may not change a bit depending on how well the mission goes. More data is needed to know for sure.

On a regular agent like Thomas Grady who has default Fatigue rates, a Tier 1 - 1 hour mission, when completed successfully appears to increase the Fatigue stat by 10%.

As for making Fatigue go down, if you leave an agent free and healthy running no missions, the Fatigue stat will go down. So far, it is looking to be at around 5.75 minutes per % Fatigue reduction.

I theorize that 51% or greater Fatigue is instant Incapacitation. More data needed though. It very well could be just a much greater chance of becoming Incapacitated the higher your Fatigue gets.

I’ll be posting my records on another thread here somewhere soon. Maybe on the Mod’s thread or in the main Agent Feedback thread.

People were theorizing in #Sanctuary yesterday about the more closely an Agent ‘fits’ it’s mission, the less likely he/she is to fatigue.

Ex. The mission text needs an agent good with supernatural abilities, so you send agent X that lists that as a skill, they’ll have less chance of fatigue versus agent Y that does not have them.

** I have confidence the TSW/SWL community will figure this out, whatever it actually proves to be!


My testing (ignoring all mission text) indicates there is no variaence to specific types of missions.

The only things that effect Fatigue are which level of mission it is (T1-1hr, T2-15min, etc.) and which level of success you got (Complete, Successful, Outstanding).
All Tier 1 - 1 hour missions add 10% Fatigue at the default rate when you get the Successful result.

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normal missions “complete” result means double fatigue. That’s 20% or 30%. It’s strange “reduced” fail acts like it’s only 50%. I would still expect double if that reduced.

10-11%… that’s probably rounding error. The reduction will be 30 or 33%.

The cutoff for incapacitation will be most likely exactly 50.0%. But you will see 50% for 49.5-50.5

There are some rounding inconsistency after mission end and it’s not “a tick”. It happens that after mission end the fatigue is like 27%. And switching gear right after makes it 28%.

Yeah, it isn’t clear exactly how Funcom rounds the numbers for display.

I’ve also seen cases where I turn in a mission and see the Fatigue levels for a different agent until I swap agents or force an update of the Fatigue.