Re-using Stables and Animal Pens

Re-use of Stables and Animal Pens:

I suspect it is not currently feasible - or hardworking Devs would stop drinking their coffee if asked to, but it would be nice if we could re-house converted horses (mounts) and beasties in their respective stables and animal-pens?

Many players, once they have a mount or fifty, are left with empty stables unless they leave some forlorn mount behind. Same with their animal pens.

Although kind of cosmetic, it would be nice if we could re-stable mounts in their stables (yes, I know, we can just build additional stables with the mats, but they don’t look the same).

Just a thought…

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great idea! would they still count in the limit?

Good point @DejaMoo - I personally think they should, but it would incentivise peeps to put pets back in the pens if it did. I am sure the Dev-Thralls could throw this together really fast and easy and get out as a quick hotfix :wink: - I doubt this idea would eb brought in as it could be used by griefers, etc to exploit things. :wink:

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I wanted make a suggestion before… havnt got round for it.

] logs (but side ways) like cowboy movies) That you can tie horses to.
Slap trough near it, get what ever poop and stuff. (no need put back in stables)

Other thing… would be fences having some AI attached to them, so if Wolf or Horse is placed inside a fence area, it’ll move around. XD

Or just a Trough for animals in area you have placed (like feeder, but it allows it to collect stuff they produce. (in lower quanty since there free-ranging)

I like the suggestion…but it may not be feasible. Maybe a mod, but not as a default mechanic. Here is why. In order to place them, you would have to be able to pick them back up. There in lies the problem, because once placed their .db id is changed. By picking it up, it would require creating either a whole new id and a way to store the leveled version, or reverting to un-leveled versions-- and basically re-rolling every time you pulled it out of the pen as a level 1.

but i do support the idea, and maybe with enough traction on these forums, it could be implemented. Who knows?

I agree @WhatMightHaveBeen as, in my limited opinion, this is core to the game and changes to That should be for critical stuff and not ‘nice-to-haves’. Perhaps one of the more mainstream modsters will do something - and maybe one of the Dev-thralls will be allowed out of their pens for a moment to check this Forum :slight_smile:

I would like to be able to pick up and move the taming stable and taming pens rather than destroy them.

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