Suggestions for pet/mount taming structures

while going through the bench updates, please consider the following:

  • use stables to tame mounts (all mounts). By placing a pet that can be a mount into the stable, guarantee a mount will be tamed. Use the stables as designed to train mounts.

  • use animal pen to tame fighter pets. By placing a pet in the animal pen, guarantee it is always a fighter (not a mount). Use the pen as designed to train combat pets.

  • consider adding smaller tiered animal pens, similar to the wheel of pain.

  • small T1: 1 pet. (about 2x2 foundation) simple fenced pen or a cage?
  • medium T2: 3 pets. (about 3x4 foundation) cages?
  • current huge T3: 5 pets. no change
  • consider tiered stables to allow taming more than one mount at a time

  • allow mounts/pets to be stored in stables/pen after being placed (when not being used to train new mounts or pets)


I agree with all of the above lol

I like all of these suggestions too. I would add an additional suggestion:
Since there are Animal Tamers in the world already, why don’t you make a slot in the animal pens/Stables for a thrall & the animal tamers can be like taskmasters to speed up the conversion process.

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I actually have that as one of my suggestions in my “2.1 ideas/corrections” thread here in the suggetions forum.

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