Realistic ecosystem

Wildlife (animals, plants, trees, etc) should not respawn when slaughtered in mass in order to push the player to explore other areas more often. Some species could totally disappear from a region, and could only be reintroduced there after capturing and breeding the disappeared species in another area

I have a feeling both the Exiled Lands and Siptah would be forever reduced to a barren wasteland in less than an hour. Especially since trolls would consider it to be just another method of trolling.


I agree! Also there should be a limited amount of predators that is realistic considering the amount of available prey… (looking at you, cat population around the frozen lake…)
In general, all resources spawn too fast on official servers. But since funcom can’t assume what will be the server population/activity… maybe that’s for the best. Low availability of resources would drive people away and maybe open the gates to a new kind of trolling (e.g. I know server fills up every day at 17h, I log in at 16h and harvest everything…)

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Or each player should have his own ecosystem invisible for player regardless of what other players would do. Would be complicated but best

Also I feel like that would be an absolute nightmare to implement.

I usually like realism, but I feel like “everything not going extinct” is an acceptable break in the service of keeping the game actually fun. It’s not a conservation simulator.

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I am pretty sure that we could add a new profession called “wildlife protector” that all these hysteric vegans would love to roleplay so as to spend their time
fighting players on hunting parties
protecting animals
and reintroducing disappeared species

just bump respawn times to hours on your server and stop with this peta simulator nonsense


…I’m not sure “hysteric vegans” complaining about not being able to protect animals in Conan Exiles is like, a thing.

Also, this game doesn’t have professions.

It sounds like you’re trying to square-peg-round-hole the Naturalist role from Red Dead Online into Conan Exiles.


On the other hand, if you have a well moderated private server, slowing down the respawn of resource is an excellent way to drive conflict.
On top of it, it also naturally reduce building spam. And you can even tune up harvest rate so people don’t spend too much time farming :wink:

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I got mixed up with the thralls profession, but it s true that players don’t have profession

Some respawns are realistic and help immersion, like the rocks falling from the mountains to create new rock blocks on lower grounds, to be broken to get iron stone or anythingelse .
It would be great if the mountain could reduce in size in the process over the time. And when it would have completed disappeared, we could have a volcanic eruption that would rebuild procedurally a new mountain somewhere else. Then the player would have to continually look for new places of interest generated randomly to get new ressources.

For sure, they can’t implement such a level of complexion right now, but that would be nice

Wooooooo alright you’re light-years ahead now :smiley:

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I wouldn’t say light-years, but definitely on different engine and on servers for mere $1000 per month

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Do you think it would be that difficult. I believe No man sky works this way (online multiplayer + procedural level design) ?

No Man’s Sky also doesn’t run on the Unreal engine. What you’re proposing would require completely remaking the entire game from the ground up. Nobody’s going to do that.

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Hopefully, the developers will add this fabulous feature to their agenda for Conan Exiles sequel named Conan Reconquest after Exile, that will be designed on the upcoming Unreal Engine 5

Given that funcom even managed to sink bases under the mesh without a warning note last time they did an update on the map, I wouldn’t hold my breath for any of that :smiley:

Not just complicated, it would be absolutely horrible for server performance.

Have you tried playing Minecraft or SimEarth? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes, it would be that difficult. NMS runs on a completely different engine, and even so, it restricts the maximum number of players in an instance to 8 on consoles and 32 on PC. And it doesn’t have to meet the latency standards of a PVP game.

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I see, so maybe this conversation will turn into reality 20 years later

No sure that I will get used to Minecraft graphics, but SimEarth, I might give it a try someday