Regarding God Bubbles after the upcoming patch/dlc

Apparently they wont need a siege camp. Just explosion from arrows would do. And to think of it they can circle around your base while shooting exp.+poison arrows. Imagine defending that.

Build in a place that a treb can not easily fire into, such as the inner portion of a curve in a canyon.

Boulders won’t bounce as much as before, thus collateral damage will be reduced. Avatars suppose to do a large amount of collateral damage, while trebs are used to take down specific parts of the base like doors or roof sections. Different tools for different tasks.

Best method of defense will remain - build your own trebuchet and fire back at them


But crazy farmers will probably extend their walls even more, so people can only place trebs outside of base render distance

This game needs some kind of turret type of defense, like ark, like a watchtower you can build and then put an archer in it, not on it but I mean inside it like you would with a crafting thrall, it should then act as a turret instead of glitchy thrall A.I and be able to fire at far range and aggro anything that comes into range without fail. This is what is missing from the game to help buff defenders, At the moment this game favours raiding a bit too much, there are not many defensive options, if you had a bunch of arrow towers around your base then they would need to slowly clear those before they can build a siege platform close enough to shoot at your base, it would also provide some extra more reliable protection, At the moment putting archers up on your roof is a bit like throwing a tissue at the attackers -_- there are no real ranged defensive options yet. So dedicated defense structures would do this game the world of good. they could even come in different tiers, basic arrow towers, poison arrow towers and even explosive/siege towers which can fir explosives at enemies and enemy structures.

It could even have a build radius so people can’t just spam them out in the world. have a limit of say 10 of them and make it so they have to be within a certain radius of something, maybe a workstation that you have to place to craft defensive towers and then the towers can only be placed within a range of that workstation, but have it that if the workstation is destroyed then the towers no longer work, this would prevent people being able to easily spam them and use them for offensive rather than defensive methods.


Just to clarify and confirm something that was discussed on stream last night and that is important in the context:

Arrows and Orbs won’t go through the Bubble. Only Trebuchets can penetrate them.


Going by forcefield and movie theories (like stargate) the reverse of this would make more sense probably and might be better. Arrows can pass through the sheild but not trebs. They only doing this cause they want ppl to use something that they feel should be a huge game mechanic imo. Ive never used a treb on a base and my base has only been raided by a treb once and it was an utter failure. though with the new treb range and settings the boulder may actually get high enough to do some damage now. with my current base set up. you can easily raid it with ALOT of arrows it would hust take a long time unless u have a full clan going at it


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Thanks for clarifying. I can call a stop to production on the arrow farming then and turn over my slav…err…clan mates to treb making :slight_smile:


As they said in the stream: Protection against gods when they are reenabled.

Build a wall an roof around your treb so it stops arrows etc, the treb arm fires through the wall anyway.

All this is going to do is make bases extend their landclaim out so far that the base is outside of treb range, so MORE landclaim.

I really wish the Devs would reduce raid times, nobody wants to work weeks on a base only to be offline raided cause you have a job or family commitments and currently its 40 hours a week to protect your base without a bubble. I think this change to trebs will cause a massive loss in player base, small tribes and solo players are doomed. This treb change along with thrall and pet limits makes it impossible for anyone to survive in anything but a 10 man tribe. I am not even opposed to the changes but I had to stop playing due to the amount of time needed to devote to playing and thought I would come back for the December update, not sure there will be any point.

I think they should go back to 24/7 raid times personally. You get offline raided, you return the favor.


Sort of agree. With the new treb mechanic, a clan could get on a server and do some real damage and not have to over commit. I think what happened with PVP officials is they became more PVE than people will admit. The lollipop bases made the raiding on PVP officials a time sink that turned a lot of competitive gamers (ones that wanted to fight melee and not a resource war) off of the game. With the new treb mechanic, it will be possible for clans to put together a 8-10 day and enjoy that part, and not have to time sink into 10000 dragon powder. Believe it or not, their are some that want to fight, not wipe. But currently it is wipe or be wiped. Winner gets the lollipop spots. Now I can log in, grind out my treb resources, treb your base for an hour, then go have a beer and chat with my RL friends. This may push those that have fallen into PVE building on the pvp server to migrate to PVE-C or privates. But that might be a good thing???

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I have been against raid timers since the beginning, this is a carebear feature if there ever was one.
It will sure be interesting to see how the new trebuchet will fare against bases in real pvp situations.

Im on an official and a private atm. The private has a no offline raid thing or u get banned from server. The official i kinda like cause as long as u cam stall them for the raid time ur set and can rebuild afterwards. Although…if like us they have a stockpile of stuff to raid u with it gets annoying sitting up for 6 hrs. The private is keep on death so even though u may lose ur base u can grab ur stuff and just spawn at the bedroll. My storage shed in the volcano area got demolished and i managed to save all my thralls and legendaries. So its a case where its fun to blow ppl up but if u play right you dont lose anything you cant get back in like 1/2 a day

You can’t be serious… It is so ridiculously easy to build some crap that is never gonna get raided because a) the costs of raiding your cheap black ice shack are so much higher than anything the raider could find inside and b) raidtimes and godbubble make you literally invincible for 24/7

And ur gonna do what once the update comes out and trebs can shoot ridiculously far and can shoot through god bubbles? Also i dont know what server you play on but its very very rare i raid a base and dont find atleast 1/2 the dragonpowder i spent to get, then probably find thralls, purge thralls, legendaries, power fragments, starmetal, and who knows what else. Sure you can farm for most stuff but when u raid a base and most of it is just sittin there for the taking… On my official server i may not wipe a base cause u can see whats in containers. On the private server everything is locked and you gotta blow EVERYTHING leaving you really no choice but to wipe the base.

A single bomb is worth more than a starter black ice house. Raiding is nothing more than an elaborated form of griefing atm. You gain nothing and that’s also the reason why players in CE take things a lot more personal than in other multiplayer games. You literally just raid to wipe enemies from the server rather and not for the riches in that base.