Released purge prisoners are not interactable or thrallable

Game mode (Singleplayer)
Game type (PvE)
TestLive client (Steam, Age of War CH2 revision # 534818/38326)


After using the 5 keys to release the 5 prisoners only the merchant is interactable, the other 4 cannot be knocked out or interacted with. They say they are guarding, but I don’t know who the owner is. Tested in a clan and not in a clan.

Steps to replicate:

(I was not at my follower limit, and I was not in creative mode)

  1. Complete purge (kill the 2 skull boss)
  2. Unlock the prisoner cages in the forward camp
  3. Attempt to interact like you would normally with a thrall - nothing happens
  4. Pull out a knock out stick and attempt to hit the thrall - nothing happens

Please make the thralls in cages able to be rescued (not the trader, but the others, just like on Siptah). A ‘knocked out’ thrall in a cage would also be a good option – open the cage, attach a binding, drag it back to your base.

Can confirm this is happening to me on Singleplayer as well.

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I noticed this as well. Wasn’t sure what to make of it at the time though since I was primarily concerned with just toying around with the purge to get an idea of how it works now.

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Same here.

Single Player
Tier 1 Purge
Two T1 Bearer’s freed, but could not interact or “free” them (meaning make them follow me the way the Prisoners on Isle of Siptah can be rescued).

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