Remove target lock from deer, rabbits and turtles or make hostile npcs a target priority over non hostile npcs

Deer should not grab our target lock, especially in siptah where deer are just jammed in with random enemy’s, more often then not target lock when used will get grabbed by a deer, even ones outside the actual target lock range, i feel it would just be better for us to not have target lock grabbed by none enemy’s like deer, turtles, rabbits, or add a priority to it that if a hostile npc is close enough the target lock will not target non hostile npcs

And no the solution is not “don’t use target lock” some of us play with a mix of both being unlocked and locked on

There are a ton of issues with target lock. Whatever current system it uses to decide what gets locked is already unnecessarily complicated. Every current rule should be thrown out the window and it should just lock onto whatever creature is closest to your aim point, and if you are aiming at a rabbit, that’s your problem.


Gotta love how it limits us to like 15ft with target lock but it’ll still swap to a damn rabbit 50ft away, that part there makes me salty lol if it can accidentally target 50ft away then it should allow me to trigger it for 50ft away

Do you play PVP? Just curious why you would use target lock at all? It has to be the most annoying feature in Conan Exiles.


It actually depends greatly on what type of weapon you use whether the feature is annoying or useful.

I have used Whirlwind Blades for a long time, and while they were daggers, I almost never used target lock because it only made the fights more difficult. However, when they changed Whirlwind Blades to dual axes, now I use it all the time.

The major difference between these weapon types is the range of their attack. Daggers are very short-range, while dual axes have a lot of medium-ranged leaping attacks. Without target lock, it is super easy to miss when performing a leaping attack.

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That is funny, because I use the Whirlwind blades also, without target lock. Even if you miss the primary leaping attack, you get the spin forever knockback follow up attack, so it is pretty hard to miss anything.

And when I say annoying, it pretty much backs up what he said about it randomly locking on rabbits.
Even with it off, occasionally it will trigger a lock on of some poor innocent NPC. ( not sure if I sometimes press the keystroke setting by accident or not )

If you miss on the opener, you are left completely vulnerable and, unless your enemy fails to take advantage, you’ll never get to the spins.

It is also much easier to make sure the spins make contact with target lock.

It’s fine… TL is just fine… For PVE, combat is so easy either way it doesn’t really matter. The only time there’s any concern is before you’ve leveled and have a decent weapon, and even then - whatever. About the only difficulty there is in the game is when you’re mobbed by more than 3 or 4 enemies at a time. TL toggles instantly “R” so I don’t see any problem with it at all. You just need a little aiming skill to use it properly.

I fight and delve a lot and am online 4 to 6 hrs a day and I don’t think I’ve died from anything other than falling in the past 4 to 6 months. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do not seem to have that problem, but that is just me I guess.

Swords! (the regular ones)

I hate their heavies, they hit everywhere, left and right but not on target. I only used target lock when using them. But I frequently run in first eprson mode, and whenever I deactivate it, it autolocks something or somebody near me, which is annoying, especially in combat where there are hostile and non-hostile stuff around you and it lock on the non-hostile ones.
So thankfully you can turn target lock off now, but I don’t really use swords anymore.

For certain weapons it’s nice to have at times, and when you have bad nerve damage in your right hand that messes up your thumb and middle finger it’s waaaaay harder to keep up with a fast moving enemy so target lock is a life saver for that, and it’s recent nerve damage I’m not used to yet.

That’s why i said some people fight with a mix…i used to almost never use target lock ever, but after the nerve damage in my hand i use It about a quarter of the time.

Would love to see it improved apon a wee little bit

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@HrothgarFrosthound i sold you all those tags for the season and that’s why you target them first duuuuh :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: would not want a season tag penalty would you :wink:

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