Replayability - Moving Servers etc



I decided to tuff it out. A lot of people came back to the server. The griefers are still there. Picking off noobs.

I guess they really like stone weapons and plant fibre armour.

So our new plan is getting the players to better locations. We have them scattered across the map now So they can play the game. I escort people to better building places than noob river.

Seems to be working out fine.


I keep reading FO76 has really bad frame rate problems.


Want me to check on one of the gamming news sites like PC gamer for any updates as so far the only one involving frame rate involved something about a frame hard cap which was used to prevent a speed hack of sorts and how it changed the FOV as well.


They were youtube reviews also People on my conan server are in beta saying the same thing. I wanna play it but the pvp looks scaled back a bit.


Heard about that as well about the challenge system and the reduced dmg to players when not challenging another player.


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