Reset Default server settings doesn't reset to defaults

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug (If it’s not a bug, it should be)
Server type: Soloplayer
Region: USA

Before starting a new game, altering values from any page of the custom servers settings will alter the values for the server, but clicking on the button to reset defaults does nothing. All slider bars remain where you adjusted them when the defaults button is pressed. Similarly, if values were altered, then I change my mind and select a preset difficulty level, some of the server settings are automatically changed to match that difficulty level, but not all of them

Issue may be specific to singleplayer mode. Most servers probably won’t be able to test this.
If anyone wants to try to duplicate this, it will require a restart, so that’s at your own discretion.

  1. Click to start a new game in Singleplayer mode
  2. Go to custom settings to adjust values for the server. Adjust any value you like. I recommend adjusting XP multipliers, harvest amount multipliers, player damage and player damage taken multipliers, etc. Anything you think may have an easily noticeable effect on gameplay.
  3. Now in the bottom right, click the button “Reset Defaults”. On my PC, nothing happens. If this were working as intended, all of these things should now read 1.0 or whatever the default, instead of the crazy random values I just gave them
  4. If you want to continue the test, select the “Decadent” difficulty mode (easiest because most values should reset to 1.0) and create your new character.
  5. When the game finishes loading proper and you are free to play, open in-game menu and look at the server settings. Many of the values have been adjusted for the difficulty level, but not all. On my game, player damage was reset from 0.1 to 1.0, but player damage taken remained at 10.0. Harvest multiplier remained at the custom set value.

I didn’t make a list of every setting, nor did I take screencaps as I thought it would be a waste of bandwidth in this situation. If this issue only exists on my machine and no one else can duplicate, please I want to know about it so I can figure out what’s wrong with my machine. For anyone curious, when player damage taken is at 10.0, an imp can almost one-shot you.
Editing for clarification - The in-game reset works as expected, but why should I have to wait until I’m in game and given myself admin rights to restore settings, when the option to restore settings is already presented before the game begins.

Also, in case anyone needs it, there is a page on Gamepedia that explains server options, including the (hopefully) default values.

Hey @bbtech

Thanks for the observation. We’ve relayed it to our team so they can look into it

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