Resurrection Joe body parts - missing?

Resurrection Joe is needed for Zombie Lore #13.

I’m unsure whether the parts are missing or whether some have been moved.

I was able to find the left leg and left arm in Savage Coast where TSWDB said they would be.

In Kingsmouth I found a leg on the ground where it should be but it was not usable. I could not find the torso where it was listed as being.

In Blue Mountain I was not able to find the head and I did not look for the right arm since it was listed as being in the Lair and I didn’t want to go looking at the time.

On TSWDB the comment for the Zombie Lore had at least one other person with the same experience (could only find one arm and one leg - did not specify which ones).

Is this a bug?

Most likely someone else took them not too long before you checked and you just need them to respawn.

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Like Jess said, the body parts had probably been grabbed by someone else. The respawn rate for them is pretty slow, and people will often grab them as they go past having noticed that there was something interactable.

With a bit of patience, (or rather persistance, because the respawn rates aren’t fast enough to really wait out,) you can normally find them without too much trouble. If you’re in a cabal, you can also ask other people to check, as different instances may not have had someone grab the spawns.

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I guess I’m done all the easy Lore parts and I’m into the grindy bits.

For instance I’m missing two Lores that can only be found on the Mission In the Dusty Dark and I really regret not deliberately failing bits of that mission the first time through so that I could make a clean sweep - because I remember that mission as being a long grind the first time and I’m dreading doing it again (or possibly more than once) to get those Lores.

Oh well, if they were too easy then everyone would have them.


Well I have now managed to accumulate all the parts. Three of them I was able to get from the source, the others I picked up from the Auction House.

Curiously, according to the parts available in the AH, Resurrection Joe has about twelve left arms and legs, but only one right leg. I suppose this fits in with the general theme of Filth creatures…

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Some say character bound?

No they’re like Museum antiquities - they don’t bind so you can resell them if you want.

By resell I mean on the Auction House - the Resurrection Joe body parts are not worth any Anima Shards.

I have certain pieces character bound. I can’t put on cabal bank or sale. I think that why only some in ah

Are you sure? None of mine say they are bound or that they bind.


That’s strange, none of the museum items should be bound - they’re designed to be traded. I’ve just been round and collected the bits from KM and SC, and none of them are. :thinking:

I have two body pieces made character bound

Something’s bugged them then. Here’s all 6 pieces in the cabal bank, and then on the Auction House.

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